Sagenda – Free Booking System & WordPress Plugin

Sagenda - Free Booking System & WordPress Plugin

Sagenda is a free online booking system which you can use for a variety of different purposes and services. Sagenda can be added to any website at no cost at all.

The service is divided into two parts. First you have to register an account on Sagenda which is very simple and takes not more than a minute.

Once registration is complete, you can log in to the dashboard to get started with your bookings and reservations. It looks a bit confusing at first but you learn quickly how it works.

To implement the services on your website, you can insert a piece of html code in a page or post. Or you can use their WordPress plugin. When I tested and tried the services I installed their plugin and inserted the html code and both ways worked smoothly and easily.

Sagenda - Free Booking System & WordPress Plugin

Follow these steps to install Sagenda – Free Booking System

  1. From your WordPress Admin Dashboard go to Plugin- Add New- Search for Sagenda – Free booking system select and install.
  2. Create a free account on (setup your “bookable items” and events).
  3. Copy your token (from the backend of Settings / account settings) to your WordPress installation (backend of wp / Settings / Sagenda).
  4. Use the shortcode [sagenda-wp] in a page or an article.

Start creating you bookings and reservations via your dashboard in Sagenda and it will show up nicely and great on your WordPress website. Learn more how Sagenda works here.

Sagenda comes with features and options such as:

  • Responsiveness – The online booking tool is 100% made for smartphones and tablets.
  • No ADS – Sagenda don’t want ads on our website: so we don’t put them on yours either.
  • Email notifications – The software sends email notifications for all bookings, confirmations and rejections.
  • Easy to configure – Just create a list of bookable items and and events and let your clients view the services.
  • Website integration – The service can be easily integrated into your existing website by using a special plugin for: WordPress, iWeb.
  • Free Software – Sagenda is absolutely FREE of any cost, no catches, no premium memberships!

If you want to use a free booking system for your WordPress website or Html site then Sagenda might be a great alternative. It is free and very easy to use. Why not give it a try!

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  1. This is nice, but I don’t understand how Sagenda benefits from providing a totally free booking system, especially considering how other companies offer similar services for a high subscription price

    1. Hi Adam! On Sagendas FAQ page you can read: “Yes, this is really free. We make profit because some big customers ask us customized versions of our booking tool and additional software development.”

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