Simple Author Box Free WordPress Plugin

Simple Author Box Free WordPress Plugin

Simple Author Box Free WordPress Plugin

Have you had any thought of adding a Author bio box or add an informative About the author on your blog posts? But you don’t know how to add and implement it? Keep on reading.

In many WordPress themes both free and premium, there is sometimes a built-in Author bio box feature. If there is no Author bio box included in your theme. You can add that functionality relatively simple.

Either you can add a piece of code in your WordPress theme. Usually in the file functions.php and then you have to style the author box within the style.css file. An example can be found in the article Adding an Image and Author Bio Box in WordPress. But if you don’t want to go too deep and edit your theme files. You can always use a WordPress plugin that is much easier if you’re new to WordPress.

There are numerous plugins to choose from in the WordPress Plugin Directory. But today I want to highlight a plugin that is easy to install and use. The plugin Simple Author Box. This free plugin allows you to create beautiful Author bio boxes with tons of cool features and options included. Check out the demo. Here are a few features that comes with the plugin.

  • Author gravatar, author name, author description and social icons
  • Fully customizable to match your theme design (style, color, size and text options)
  • Option to use Google Fonts or Font Awesome
  • Nice looking on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phones
  • Automatically insert the author box at the end of your post
  • Option to manually insert the author box on your template file (single post)
  • Simple Author Box – RTL support
  • Clean code optimized for fast loading

Underneath you can see some examples of how your new Author bio box may look. They look very elegant and stylish right?

Simple Author Box Free WordPress Plugin

General Options

  • Manually insert the Simple Author Box
  • Hide the author box if author description is empty
  • Author avatar image style: circle/square
  • Rotate effect on author avatar hover
  • Social icons type (colored background or symbols only)
  • Open social icon links in a new tab
  • Hide the social icons on author box

Color Options

  • Author name color
  • Border color of Simple Author Box
  • Background color of social icons bar
  • Social icons color (for symbols only)

The Simple Author Box also includes typography options plus much more. If you need more info, please read the plugin documentation.

Personally I think this is a great free WordPress plugin that can give your blog posts a boost. Create a beautiful Author bio box so your visitors and readers can relate to the author and are given the opportunity to follow in a lot of social networks.

Have you tried the Simple Author Box? What do you think?

» Full Details & Download | Demo

  1. Thanks for the article. I’ve been searching for an author bio box that looks good on mobile devices. I tried a few different ones and the Simple Author Box is by far the best in terms of being mobile responsive! I like the simple design and I can change the colors to match my website, which is a great feature too. It’s fairly easy to use and customize, though not as easy as Starbox.

    On the down side, I’m not able to change the color of links, so links don’t stand out, they just look like regular text. I also find the font choices difficult to use. Overall I’m quite happy with this plug in and would recommend it.

    1. Hi, Amy! Yes, Simple Author Box is one off the best author bio plugins and include some great features as well. About styling the author bio box even more, you usually can customize the CSS files, for example, to change link color, font size and more. So maybe it can help you solve your problem.

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