Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 2016

Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 2016

WordPress comes with numerous of plugins which can make user’s work very easy and efficient. It is also one of the top most platform which is used by millions of bloggers to share their ideas and thoughts with readers in a more attractive manner. With a huge variety of plugins, WordPress can help you extend the functionality and visibility of your website and make it famous.

Each and every plugin of WordPress comes with custom features and functions which allow users to mold their websites as per their preferences and requirements. Sometimes it also helps users to check details on how to start a blog.

Therefore, it requires a lot of efforts to make your website stand out. There are various WordPress plugins and their customizations vary from email sign-up boxes, e-commerce stores, sharing on social media and many more.

So, let´s take a look at the below-mentioned list of some of the top and best most useful WordPress plugins:


Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 2016

If you are thinking to start your own blog, then you should look forward to has comments from your target audience and not all the comments are genuine and valuable. Therefore, you may notice many scam/fake comments and for this purpose, Akismet is what comes to your mind first as it lets you distinguish between spam and genuine comments.


Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 2016

This is the only an all in one plugin that provides a vast range of features from security to content originality. Just by using this powerful plugin you can also customize your website, manage content, add themes, analyze performance and know user retention. It also simplifies managing WordPress sites by giving your viewer different security services and speeding up images. It is a free plugin. It further tells you how many visits or likes your site gets and helps you get more publicity with tools publicize enhanced distribution and Sharing.

Wordfence Security

WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 2016

This is one of the most downloaded plugins of WordPress. On the other hand, it is a savior for your website as it prevents all your data from hackers. It offers a very strong scan for your entire work or source code. It starts its work by checking if your website is already infected or not. Therefore, we can say that it do a deep server-side scan of your work further comparing it to the official WordPress. It secures your site and makes it 50 times faster and, on the other hand, it also offers a premium API key which gives you premium support, scheduled scans, and password auditing to keep a check on your website.

UpdraftPlus Backup and Restoration

Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 2016

As the name suggests, it simplifies your data backups. With this type of features, you can backup into the cloud, Google drive, Dropbox, OpenStack swift and restore all with a single click. Further, it is the highest-ranking backup plugin on WordPress with over 600,000 currently active installs. After testing its reliability, it is proved that this is the world’s most popular and mostly highly rated scheduled plugin.

Breadcrumb NavXT

WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 2016

When it comes to navigating users to your website, this plugin has proved to be the best. Most of the users do not view your website directly and it is either through some search engine or links given in different ads so, in that case, this plugin helps the user to explore the entire website.


WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 2016

If anyone is planning to start an online store then this kind of app is a must have for them. Therefore, it provides a vast variety of features like review and sales report, standard PayPal integration, easy coupon submission and easy to review inventory management.

Yoast SEO

WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 2016

In today’s scenario, every website wants to rank higher in search engine results and for that website needs to be fully optimized. This plugin does this for you by making you able to present better content. It helps you to choose better keywords for your website. While this most innovative plugin takes care of all the technical support, it first and foremost helps you to write a better content. It also forces you to choose the best keyword when you are writing your articles and then makes sure that you use the best one everywhere in your content.


WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 2016

This is a package of features which lets you establish a social network over your WordPress website. With this amazing plugin installed on your website, your members can interact with each other very easily. BuddyPress plugin focuses mainly on ease of use, ease of integration and extensibility. It is deliberately powerful yet most simple social network software built by supporters of WordPress.

W3 Total Cache

WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 2016

In today’s world time is money, and nobody wants to waste their time on the apps that take too long to load on their system. Therefore, this superfast plugin helps in loading the page faster and also speeds up your website.


WordPress Plugins for Bloggers 2016

As its name suggest, this is for those who want to have a bilingual or a multilingual website. It supports almost all languages. In this plugin, you just need to type your blog and then choose the desired language and it will automatically translate the content for you. Therefore, if you wish to use a professional translation service, then you can install lingotek translation as an add-on service in polylang. It further offers a complete set of translation management system which provides services such as translation memory.

Therefore, this is the list of top 10 WordPress plugins. Now it depends upon you which plugin you want to install and use on your blog. Although there are several similar plugins exist today but the above ones are most feature rich popular post plugins with the support for thumbnails. Hence, from this, you can choose one of the best WordPress plugins. It will also assist you in creating your daily life blogs with much easier as you can upload your services very quickly.

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