Top 6 WordPress Social Sharing Plugins In 2016

Top 6 WordPress Social Sharing Plugins In 2016

Online networking has turned out to be a huge thing, and it has become vital for bloggers to integrate social sharing plugins on their blogs and websites.

By using social plugins, you allow your readers to share your blog entries at once on most of the networks which will, of course, will help you drive more traffic from online networking places and it enhances your internet searcher positioning.

Which plugins do you use? What is your favorite social sharing plugin?

Let’s explore some of these plugins below:

Here are 6 top WordPress social sharing plugins in 2016.

Social Warfare – Supports Social Sharing

Top 6 WordPress Social Sharing Plugins In 2016

Social Warfare is one of the latest plugins and it enables you to add visually amazing social sharing plugins along with the access to various effective elements that can terrifically boost your social popularity. You can easily upload Pinterest pictures and depictions. Pinterest has a colossal potential for pouring in traffic in specific commercial ventures. Besides, you can also add tweetable quote boxes within your content with numerous designs to choose. Its main elements include:

  • support for all the famous social networks
  • Various amazing themes
  • Show aggregate and individual share counts
  • Show share counts when to reach to a predefined number
  • You can add “click to tweet” option within your content
  • Include custom tweet content for individual posts
  • Upload Pinterest pictures
  • Easily track social shares
  • Receptive to mobile phones
  • Various other features

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Monarch – Allows You to Display Sophisticated Buttons

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This is an amazing plugin as it permits you to show the number of share counts after they reach to a specific number which is an awesome way of staying away from negative social verification. You can also show social symbols in your sidebar or other areas of widgets. There are additionally a few intriguing alternatives which incorporate activated popups and fly-ins that are intended to help social sharing. The main elements of monarch are:

  • It supports all the famous and common social networking sites
  • Encompasses numerous alternatives for displaying
  • User-friendly interface
  • Display your share counts
  • Social shares, likes and follows are easily tracked down with built-in statistics
  • Pop over and fly in to support frequent sharing
  • Show social networking symbols in widgets
  • New features are added on regular basis

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SumoMe – Makes Sharing Much Easier on Computers As Well As Tabs and Phones

Top 6 WordPress Social Sharing Plugins In 2016

SumoMe is a group of applications intended to help you attract online traffic. While you can utilize these applications with any site that backings HTML, they have a particular WordPress plugin which makes setup amazingly simple. This application enables you to include a plugin called ‘Share’, and it performs splendidly. There is an immense number of spots where you can add social plugins just by clicking. Simply tap on where you need them to go. You can choose an alternative placement for your phones as well. Its main features include the following:

  • It supports extensive variety of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and much more
  • User-friendly interface
  • Modify size and different parts of your plugins
  • Gigantic number of alternatives for positioning social plugins
  • Pick different plugin placements for tabs and phones.
  • Show rules that permit you to pick which post or page your plugins are added to
  • Huge control over how share counts are shown. For instance, you can conceal individual counts and show the total counts, or just show counts over a specific number
  • Extra applications are also available to pour in more traffic, shares and email list
  • This application costs nothing, it is free

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Image Sharer – Allows You To Get More Social Shares From Visual Content

Top 6 WordPress Social Sharing Plugins In 2016

Image Sharer is another free application made by the SumoMe group. You can pick precisely which applications you need to utilize, if SumoMe is already installed then it is easier to begin with. With this application, you can add plugins to your pictures. This gives you an additional approach to get more social shares to your content. There is a limited setup with Image Sharer, however. some helpful customization alternatives are accessible, alongside an outline of the aggregate shares. You can choose which share plugins you need to include, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Yummly are all accessible. Its main features include the following:

  • Add plugins to your pictures for Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Yummly
  • Pick which pages or gadgets these pictures sharing plugins are added to
  • Built-in URL shortener that makes your shared links look much cleaner and safer
  • You can choose where these plugins are added, for instance, left, right, top or bottom
  • This application is available for free

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Shareaholic – Enables You To Display Share Buttons And Related Content

Top 6 WordPress Social Sharing Plugins In 2016

Shareaholic is much more than just a WordPress plugin as it can be used for an assortment of various content management systems. With Shareaholic, you get an access to a range of different looks for your social sharing plugin, all of which are more attractive than the standard local plugins. You have to get yourself registered to an account to get access to various components of Shareaholic. Its main features include:

  • You can have control over your share counts whether to display them or not
  • It supports WordPress Drupal, Tumblr, Shopify and many others
  • Supports social statistics
  • Show related content
  • It is available for free

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Easy Social Share Buttons For WordPress – Gives You Huge Range of Components

Top 6 WordPress Social Sharing Plugins In 2016

This one is great for the beginners as it gives access to an extensive variety of placement alternatives and visual designs. There are additionally a lot of customization choices for the visual outlines and the plugin underpins a lot of social networking websites. You can manually add plugins and set share counts to be shown along with a lot of other components. The plugin is speedier and the interface is cleaner. Its main elements include:

  • Supports more than 35 social networks including WhatsApp
  • You get 19 different areas to include your social plugins
  • It gives you 11 counter positions and 6 total counter positions
  • Social fans counter
  • Built-in 22 templates
  • Support for different positions
  • Popups and fly-ins to energize social shares
  • Customizable plugin button
  • Supports custom posts
  • Built-in social statistics
  • Easily accessible from mobile
  • Compatible with JigoShop, WooCommerce, WP eCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.

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Final Words

There are various other social sharing plugins but the ones mentioned above can be amazingly useful to enhance your website’s popularity on all major networks in the year 2016.

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