WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin review: A Complete Bulk Editing Package for Your WooCommerce Stores

WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin is a fully professional tool that helps you filter and bulk edit your products easily. You can use this plugin to control product inventory, change prices, bulk-add new products or delete multiple products, and even export products to a CSV file with one click. With a user-friendly interface, the WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin is the fastest and easiest way to bulk edit, bulk delete, and manage simple and variable WooCommerce products in your online store.

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Advantages of WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin

  • Bulk edit all product features using the bulk edit form.
  • Change the details professionally with the inline edit method directly in the product table.
  • Save time and energy with bulk editing products.
  • Filter and edit all WooCommerce product fields with just one click.
  • Manage hundreds or thousands of WooCommerce products through a quick and easy interface.
  • Supporting all WooCommerce fields including quantity, stock items, regular and sale price, variations, category, etc. in filter form and bulk edit form.

Features of WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin

This plugin can be used as a WooCommerce management package because it gives all the capabilities that a store manager needs to edit products and eliminates the need to install separate plugins. By installing the WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin, you can benefit from the following unique features:

  • Powerful filter form of WooCommerce products

The advanced filter form of this plugin supports all 44 WooCommerce fields and even the meta fields you have added to your store. The filter form allows you to search for your products based on any feature and display them in the product table.

With the help of this filter form, you can quickly and easily find the products you want to bulk edit with the bulk edit form or bind edit method. One of the advantages of this advanced form is categorizing WooCommerce fields into 7 separate tabs, which increases the speed of finding fields related to products. These tabs are:

woo bulk edit filter form
  1. General
  2. Categories/Tags/Taxonomies
  3. Pricing
  4. Shipping
  5. Stock
  6. Type
  7. Custom Fields
  • Comprehensive bulk edit form

The bulk edit form of the WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin allows you to edit hundreds or thousands of products in your online shop within a few minutes. In this form, all 44 WooCommerce fields as well as custom fields are included, enabling you to change the features of any number of products you have selected in the table.

advanced bulk edit form

Some of the most used WooCommerce fields that can be bulk edited in this form are:

  1. Product titles, short description, description, etc.
  2. Product featured image and gallery.
  3. Product category, tags, attributes.
  4. Product regular and sale price.
  5. Product size, weight, height, …
  6. Product stock quantity and stock status.
  7. Product variations and attributes.

One of the advantages of the bulk edit form of this plugin is designing practical operators for each field, which makes it possible for the site managers to customize the data of each field easily.

bulk edit product prices

For example, to change the regular price, the following operators are considered:

  1. Increase/decrease by values or percentages.
  2. Increase based on sales price.
  3. Change regular price by customized formula.
  • Bind edit products directly in the table

Another important feature of the product bulk editing plugin is the direct editing of values and fields in the table without opening the bulk edit form.

bind edit woocommerce products

In this way, you can select any number of products in the table and directly change the data of several products at the same time with one click on the table columns. The bind edit method significantly increases the speed of product editing and allows store managers to save time and energy.

  • Manageable bulk edit table columns

In the WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin, you can customize the columns freely with the column manager form and create presets to specify how you want the columns to appear in the table by default.

manage bulk edit table columns

You can select any fields of WooCommerce products to show in the bulk edit table as a new column. Finally, click the Apply To Table button and view the result.

  • Add, delete, and edit WooCommerce variations

Many online stores are facing the problem of bulk editing variations of variable products and are looking for a solution to add, delete, and bulk edit product attributes and variations. WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin is an advanced tool that allows store managers to automatically create new attributes with any possible combination and update all product attributes and variations of multiple products at once.

bulk edit woocommerce variations

In this plugin, it is possible to bulk update the regular price, sales price, and stock of all produced variations as well.

  • Exporting WooCommerce products in CSV file

With the Import/Export tool of this plugin, you can export a list of the products in your online store in a CSV format.

import export section

On the Import/Export section of this plugin, you can export all WooCommerce products in the table sheet or export only selected products. Also, you can export all product fields or only visible product fields in the table sheet.

  • Create new products

The WooCommerce bulk product editing plugin is not just for editing products, it allows you to quickly add one or more new products to your store with one click.

create multi new products

You can make multiple new products by entering the value on the New Product form and clicking on the Create button.

  • Manage products meta fields

Store managers can easily add custom fields (meta fields) to this plugin to access it in filter form, bulk edit form, and column manager form.

manage custom fields

There are 3 ways to add custom fields to this plugin. You can enter custom fields manually, import all custom fields of products by entering ID, or import custom fields from the ACF plugin.

  • Bulk delete WooCommerce products

It is possible to select and delete multiple products at the same time in this plugin quickly and only by clicking on the Delete tool.

bulk delete woocommerce products

You can permanently bulk-remove products or temporarily send them to the trash so that you can restore them in the future.

  • Save bulk editing history

One of the biggest advantages of the WooCommerce bulk edit product plugin is keeping the history of changes.

history form of bulk edit plugin

You can restore up to 50 revisions by referring to the History section and restoring the changes that have been made to the previous state.

  • Duplicate multiple products

If you want to clone one or more products in your store, you don’t need to install any additional plugins.

duplicate multi woocommerce products

With the Duplicate tool, you can easily copy WooCommerce products as many times as you need.

  • Undo latest edits

Don’t worry if you make changes to the products by mistake, you can use the Undo tool to correct the last change and restore it to the previous state with just one click.

  • Pricing

The basic version of plugin, with limited features is free of cost. Anyone can install and use the plugin for free. However, there’s also a Pro version with licenses costing $49 for one site annually and $99 for one site lifetime.


With a simple and efficient user interface, the WooCommerce products bulk edit plugin is very suitable for all site owners who are managing a big online store. Therefore, by downloading and installing this plugin, you can manage and bulk edit your products simply at a low cost and increase your profit and income in the long run.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution to help you bulk edit and manage all data on your WooCommerce website including orders, posts, products, coupons, and variations, we recommend you install the Xbulk editing bundle plugin.