WordPress Advanced Image Lazy Load Plugin

Optimize Images for Better Visitor Experience

Does your website has a lot of image intensive content and take up a lot of resources when loading up? Then you have to check out this plugin – WP Advanced Image Lazy Load Plugin. This plugin provides a better user experience by delaying the load of images in (especially long) web pages and images outside the visible part of the page that the user is viewing wont be loaded before the user scrolls down to them. WP Advanced Image Lazy Load Plugin is equal to speed!

  • Ready to use, no action is needed for existing or future images on posts/pages
  • Improving images selection performance by customizing default selectors for several site sections
  • Cascading enabling/disabling levels;
  • – Level 1 : Enable or disable for the whole website
  • – Level 2 : Enable or disable for all posts and pages
  • – Level 3 : Enable or disable for all images within a specific post or page
  • – Level 4 : Enable or disable for a specific post’s or page’s image
  • Customizing the loading of images

UPDATE: This theme is not available now!

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