WordPress Splitscreen

WordPress Splitscreen transforms the core jQuery Splitscreen plugin into a powerful WordPress plugin. This plugin is a bold and different way for WordPress sites to display image ads, promote content, or welcome web visitors. You can assign a Splitscreen to any page, category archive, post, posts within a category or shortcode enabled area in a WordPress site, including text widgets. WordPress Splitscreen is an awesome plugin that really shows off what you want in a beautiful style. How about the price – $10!

  • Horizontal and Vertical splitting
  • Layered Splitscreens in Gallery Mode
  • Shortcode sized Splitscreens
  • Add custom CSS , JavaScript, HTML behind the split
  • Generate buttons with the button maker
  • Track Splitscreen views and clicks in promo and teaser modes
  • And much more…

UPDATE: This theme is not available now!

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