16 Cool One Page WordPress Themes (Multipurpose)

UPDATED: 22/12/2023

One-page WordPress themes offer a streamlined and effective solution for specific website needs, emphasizing focused content presentation for optimal user engagement. These themes are particularly advantageous for personal portfolios, enabling professionals in various fields to showcase their work in an organized and visually appealing manner. Events and conferences can benefit greatly from one-page layouts, providing attendees with essential information such as schedules and speakers in a clear and concise format.

Startups and mobile apps find these themes invaluable as they offer a simple yet impactful online presence, allowing businesses to highlight key features and benefits, encouraging visitor interaction and conversions. Businesses with a limited range of products or services also thrive with one-page themes, presenting offerings and client testimonials in a cohesive manner, enhancing user understanding and trust.

Moreover, one-page themes serve as an excellent platform for short-term promotional campaigns, ensuring that the message is communicated effectively. With a user-friendly layout and intuitive navigation, these themes enhance user experience, leading to higher conversion rates and increased visibility. In summary, one-page WordPress themes excel in situations where simplicity, clarity, and focused content delivery are essential, enhancing both user satisfaction and search engine visibility.

So the major question is which are the best one page WordPress themes going around? We have listed out the best 16 one page WordPress themes for you. Have a look:

1. North – One Page Parallax WordPress Theme

north wordpress theme

North, the One Page Parallax WordPress Theme, stands out as a dynamic and adaptable solution for crafting visually captivating websites. Boasting smooth scrolling and interactive elements, it elevates user engagement. Ideal for displaying portfolios, promoting events, or launching products, North offers a contemporary design coupled with user-friendly navigation. Its extensive customization options and responsive features guarantee a unique and immersive online experience, ensuring your website leaves a lasting impression on visitors.

2. Unfinity – One page


Unfinity stands as a revolutionary One Page WordPress Theme, setting new standards in website design. Tailored for creative individuals, startups, and agencies, Unfinity combines seamless navigation with striking aesthetics, providing an immersive user experience. Its user-friendly customization options empower users to effortlessly craft unique and visually appealing websites. Featuring responsive design and robust functionality, Unfinity enables businesses to establish a compelling online presence, leaving a memorable impact on visitors.

3. Nimmo – One page

Nimmo stands out as a dynamic one-page WordPress theme, perfect for crafting visually striking and user-friendly websites. Tailored for portfolios, creative showcases, and personal branding, Nimmo’s minimalist design and intuitive navigation enhance user experience across all devices. Its customizable sections and seamless scrolling enable users to present content in an engaging manner, leaving a memorable impact on visitors. With Nimmo, you can create a unique online presence that not only captures attention but also ranks well on search engines, ensuring maximum visibility and user engagement.

4. Cardea WordPress Theme

cardea wordpress theme

Cardea, a WordPress theme celebrated for its contemporary design and user-friendly functionalities, is versatile enough to suit a range of websites, from portfolios to business showcases. Its responsive layout and customizable features guarantee an immersive user experience across all devices. Elevate your online presence with the stylish and adaptable Cardea WordPress theme.

5. Volos One Page WordPress Theme

volos wordpress theme

Volos, a dynamic one-page WordPress theme, caters to businesses, portfolios, and creatives. Its contemporary design seamlessly pairs with Elementor, facilitating effortless customization sans coding. Boasting responsiveness, advanced theme options, and diverse pre-built sections, Volos guarantees a vibrant and captivating online presence for users.

6. Citrus One Page WordPress theme

Citrus One Page Theme

The Citrus WordPress theme is a lively and adaptable option for websites aiming for a contemporary aesthetic. Emphasizing user-friendly customization via the Elementor page builder, Citrus provides a smooth and intuitive experience. Its responsiveness guarantees a polished appearance across all devices, and the theme’s diverse pre-built sections offer flexibility for a range of content needs. Citrus is the ideal choice for effortlessly crafting dynamic and engaging websites.

7. Anno WordPress Theme

anno wordpress theme

The Anno one-page WordPress theme is a sleek and versatile choice for websites. With a focus on simplicity and elegance, Anno offers a seamless user experience and easy customization through the Elementor page builder. Its modern design ensures a polished look, and the theme is fully responsive for optimal viewing on various devices. Anno is an excellent option for creating stylish and engaging one-page websites with efficiency and style.

8. Skrollex


Skrollex stands out as a contemporary WordPress theme designed for creative ventures and businesses. Featuring a one-page parallax layout, it effortlessly blends style with functionality. Powered by Visual Composer and Slider Revolution plugins, customization becomes both intuitive and extensive. Skrollex guarantees a responsive and visually compelling website, captivating audiences across various devices. With its dynamic and engaging features, Skrollex emerges as the preferred choice for those seeking a polished and immersive one-page parallax experience.

9. Teoro One Page Theme

Teoro, a captivating one-page WordPress theme, is perfect for businesses and creatives. Its modern design, coupled with smooth scrolling and parallax effects, creates a visually stunning experience. Teoro’s customization is user-friendly, thanks to the integrated Elementor page builder. Responsive and feature-rich, Teoro offers a seamless and engaging website solution for diverse needs.

10. SimpleKey – One Page Portfolio WordPress Theme


SimpleKey is a sleek and efficient one-page portfolio WordPress theme, ideal for showcasing creative projects. With a minimalist design and smooth navigation, it ensures a user-friendly experience. The theme’s responsiveness, coupled with its comprehensive theme options, makes it easy to create a polished and professional online portfolio with simplicity and style.

11. Speaker One Page Theme

speaker wordpress theme

Speaker, a dynamic one-page WordPress theme, caters to event organizers and public speakers. With its bold design and versatile features, Speaker offers a seamless platform for presenting events, schedules, and speaker profiles. The theme’s user-friendly customization through Elementor ensures a personalized touch, while its responsiveness guarantees an optimal viewing experience across devices.

12. Blanka WordPress Theme


Blanka, a sophisticated one-page WordPress theme, caters to creative professionals and businesses. With its clean design and smooth parallax scrolling, Blanka creates a visually stunning and engaging website. Integrated with Elementor for easy customization, the theme ensures a seamless and responsive experience. Blanka is the perfect choice for a modern and captivating online presence.

13. Eventr One Page Theme


Eventr is a dynamic one-page WordPress theme tailored for event management and promotion. With its contemporary design and user-friendly customization through Elementor, Eventr offers a seamless platform for showcasing events, schedules, and speakers. Its responsive layout ensures an optimal viewing experience on various devices, making Eventr a top choice for creating engaging event websites.

14. Fabius WordPress Theme


Fabius is a sleek and professional one-page WordPress theme designed for crafting impressive online resumes. With its minimalist layout and easy customization through Elementor, Fabius provides a user-friendly experience. This theme is perfect for individuals seeking a modern and effective way to showcase their skills, experience, and achievements in a single-page format.

15. Caliris One Page Theme


Caliris is an elegant and versatile one-page WordPress theme, ideal for showcasing portfolios and creative projects. With a modern design and smooth scrolling effects, Caliris offers a visually engaging user experience. Integrated with Elementor for easy customization, it ensures a responsive and polished website for individuals and businesses looking to make a memorable online impression.

16. Casonix


Cosonix is a dynamic and feature-rich one-page WordPress theme, crafted for businesses and creative professionals. With its modern design and smooth scrolling, Cosonix offers an immersive user experience. Integrated with Elementor for effortless customization, it ensures a responsive and visually striking website. Cosonix is the perfect choice for creating impactful one-page websites.