Become a Blogger in 2024: Challenges & Earnings

Blogging has evolved from simple online information into a profitable career for many writers. To become a blogger in 2024, blogging continues to grow, expanding, and providing a lot of opportunities for those looking to make money online.

Starting a blog as well as turning it into the best profession involves understanding the challenges, analyzing the competitive field, and making proper strategies.

Let’s discover and learn how to start blogging in 2024, the hustle you might face initially, earning potential and some insights from top bloggers

Become a Blogger in 2024

In 2024, if you plan for how to start blogging then some key steps you should follow,

  1. Niche selection: Find out a topic you are really passionate about and knowledgeable about.
  2. Blog setting: You can use platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix
  3. Must create quality content: Try to focus on delivering value through your well-researched, informative, evergreen, and engaging posts.
  4. Blog promotion: Use social media, SEO, guest posts, backlinks, email marketing, and networks to reach a wider audience.
  5. Monetization: Explore some of the monetization methods including Google ads network, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing.

Challenges to become a blogger 2024

  1. Competition in high

The blogging field is more saturated than ever with missions of blogs grabbing for attention.

According to GrowthBadger, in 2023 there were over 600 million blogs and more were added daily as well. To stand out among the crowd you need a voice and high-quality content.

  • Testimonial

The key to cutting through the noise is consistency and authenticity,” says John Doe, a top travel blogger in the USA. “Regular posting and staying true to your voice help build loyal readers and audience.”

  1. SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is necessary for getting organic traffic.

An algorithm of Google continuously involves and makes it challenging to maintain a high ranking without a strong knowledge of SEO habits.

  • Stats

According to Ahrefs, 96.55% of content gets no traffic from Google. This proves the importance of practicing SEO to make sure your blog reaches its specific audience.

  1. Time Management

Content creation balancing, promotion, and engagement can be frustrating, especially for solo bloggers.

Proper time management and sometimes outsourcing tasks are necessary for maintaining productivity.

  • Testimonial

“I had to learn to delegate tasks like editing and social media management.” Jane Smith (a food blogger) says. “It allowed me to focus on creating content and engaging with my audience.”

  1. Struggle in monetization

While many start blogging to make money online turning a blog into a profitable business can be slow and it needs diverse income streams.

  • Stats

According to a survey by ConvertKit, only 10% of bloggers make more than $1000 per month.

This indicates the need for multiple revenue options including affiliate marketing, selling digital products, and sponsored posts.

Earning in blogging 2024

If you are thinking of blogging as a career then instead of these challenges, successful bloggers can make money online through various platforms.

  1. Advertising and sponsorships

Famous bloggers earn through display ads as well as sponsored content. Google AdSense and direct sponsorships from brands provide a steady income flow.

  • Stats

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, popular bloggers can earn a range from $500 to $6000 per sponsored post and this is depending on their niche or target audience.

  1. Affiliate marketing

Product promotion and earning commissions on sales are popular methods of monetization. Famous bloggers strategically include affiliate links in their content.

  • Testimonial

Affiliate marketing has been a game changer for me,” Mark Lee (a tech blogger) says. “By recommending products I genuinely use, I’ve built trust and increased my earnings.”

  1. Selling products and services

Many bloggers diversify by providing their own products or services like e-books, online courses, or online consulting.

  • Stats

Bloggers who sell products mostly receive higher income levels with some earning over $10,000 per month through digital products alone.

  1. Membership and subscription models

Platforms including Patreon allow bloggers to provide complete content to paying subscribers, providing a consistent revenue source.

  • Testimonial

Creating a membership site helped me stabilize my income,” Emily Green (a lifestyle blogger) says. “It also boosted a deeper connection with my most dedicated readers.”

Overcoming common challenges in blogging 2024

  1. Dealing with stuck

Become a blogger, blogging asks for creativity and consistency which can lead to stuck.

To overcome this, try to schedule regular breaks, you should set realistic goals and practice self-care as well.

During busy days, batch-creating content can also help manage workload.

  • Testimonial

“Taking a step back when needed has kept me motivated,” says Alex Turner (a mental health blogger). “It is important to remember that quality trumps quantity”

  1. Learn algorithm changes

Algorithm updates on platforms including Google and social media can impact your traffic.

Staying alert about these changes and at the same time adapting your strategies accordingly is a must.

Joining blogger communities and forums can provide mentorship, support, and insights.

  • Stats

According to Moz, Google makes over 3000 changes to its algorithm each year, highlighting the need for adaptation and continuous learning.

Resources and tools to become a blogger in 2024

Taking advantage of the right tools can smooth your blogging journey and boost productivity.

Have a look at the best tools for blogging in 2024,

  1. CMS (content management system)

WordPress is still the most popular platform CMS due to its plugin ecosystem and flexibility.

Alternatives including Wix and Squarespace are also some of the best user-friendly options for beginners.

  1. SEO tools

Tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, Rank Math, and Yoast SEO can help you research, analyze keywords, ranking tracker, and optimize your content for better search engine performance.

  1. Analytics

Google Analytics provides insights into your target audience’s behavior psychology. It also allows you to refine your content strategy based on data-driven decisions.

  1. Graphic design

Canva as well as Adobe Spark, allow you to create visually attractive graphics for your blog and social media without the need for advanced graphic designing skills.

  1. Email marketing platforms

Take advantage of services like MailChimp, ConvertKit, and AWeber provide features to manage your email list, automate email campaigns, and design newsletters.

Bottom Line

To become a blogger in 2024, presents both opportunities and challenges too. With the right understanding, dedication, commitment, and strategic planning, it is possible to overcome the hustle and achieve earnings.

Whether you are looking to influence others, share your passion, or make money online, the world of blogging provides a rewarding path.