Customize your WordPress Site Live with CSS Hero

Will CSS Hero WordPress plugin change the way of how we customize our websites? An exciting new WordPress plugin will soon be released by CSS Hero.

The plugin let you customize every property of your WordPress themes with an easy and intuitive point and click tool. You can easily adjust each and every element of your WordPress sites without coding.

I’ve played around with some Hero ready themes, and what I have seen I am very impressed.

This may change how we can customize WordPress themes in a relatively simple manner.

There is, of course, a learning curve on how best to apply and visually customize the elements. But it’s really fun and creative WordPress plugins that you just want to test more and more.

Customize your WordPress Site Live with CSS Hero

CSS Hero is a startup company that developed this WordPress plugin and the official release date has been announced for the 15th of January 2014. I think it can be a big hit. The plugin is supposed to be a powerful yet light tool to change and customize a website design live and minimizing time spent for users doing repetitive tasks.

CSS Hero – A Revolutionary Approach to WordPress Customization?

When starting to test the functions, you quickly realize that there are endless possibilities to adjust each element of your WordPress sites without no knowledge whatsoever about coding. The first thing you need to do is install CSS Hero WordPress Plugin and within minutes you can start edit themes out of the box, zero configuration necessary if you use any of the available compatible themes.

Customize your WordPress Site Live with CSS Hero

No worries if your theme not in the list, you can still use CSS Hero. Only a simple configuration is needed. Visit the Make Your Theme Hero Ready page for more details. Perhaps CSS Hero a new revolutionary approach to WordPress customization? What do you think?

What can you do with the CSS Hero WordPress Plugin?

There are tons of features and options that make it easy for a novice, as well as professional users. Editing and customize themes using CSS can be a nightmare for many people. CSS Hero will ease that part considerably. As I mentioned earlier, there are lots of features but three key features are:

  • Live editing of any CSS property of each site element with a Visual, direct manipulation approach. Saves time spent on Photoshop and promotes extreme experimentation directly on the site – you can play with colors, fonts, backgrounds, etc and instantly see the result.
  • Store and recall the full history of edits – and store design presets for A/B tests or to show different designs to clients.
  • Check and correct how the theme behaves on mobile devices.

Endless of possibilities to customize your WordPress site

CSS Hero comes with endless of possibilities to style and customize your themes with features and options such as:

Easy Point and Click Interface

Customize your WordPress Site Live with CSS Hero

Simply mouse hover and click the element you want to edit and adjust it to fit your needs.

Live Device-Mode Edits

Customize your WordPress Site Live with CSS Hero

Adjust and customize how your theme displays on handheld devices and add device-specific customizations live.

Intelligent Color Picking

Customize your WordPress Site Live with CSS Hero

You can add your personal touch to your themes by pointing and clicking a color, Hero also stores your latest used colors.

Use 400+ Fonts

Customize your WordPress Site Live with CSS Hero

Choose from a wide list of popular web-fonts and glyphs to personality to your WordPress Themes.

Complex CSS Made simple

Customize your WordPress Site Live with CSS Hero

You can easily build gradients, box-shadows, text-shadows and much more.

No Lock-In

Customize your WordPress Site Live with CSS Hero

Need to move to another platform? Don’t want to renew your Hero account? No worries, all the hero generated CSS can be exported in one click.

Easy Configuration

Customize your WordPress Site Live with CSS Hero

Configuring Hero to run on your themes is easy and deeply documented, making a theme hero ready is a matter of minutes.

For more information and details on how to getting started with CSS Hero you can read the documentation – Getting Started with CSS Hero or watch their video below.

I am convinced that CSS Hero will be a valued, popular and, above all, a customization tool that can be used by anyone who wants to dress up on his theme with new colors, fonts or cool CSS effects. No price tag has not been announced yet but hopefully the price will be affordable.

I conclude and agree with CSS Hero about this WordPress Plugin:

Editing the style of a WordPress Theme and performing deep CSS customizations has never been so much fun!