Ecommerce and Webhosts: Making the Best of Both Worlds

Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. This is because it is generally tied with the global market as just about anyone in the world with an internet connection can order anything from anywhere.

Here’s just a basic breakdown of why Ecommerce seems to be popular among business personnel interested in making a good living off of the boons of the internet:

  • Ecommerce is very accessible and just about anyone anywhere can make use of it as long as the person in question has access to the internet and a constant supply of power.
  • Ecommerce is known for its availability and there’s something for everyone from computer software to  healthy recipes or heavy construction equipment.
  • Ecommerce is resource-effective, allowing you to cut deals that would otherwise require meeting people in person to make a decision.

Types of Ecommerce

There are three main kinds of Ecommerce:

  • BTC or Business to Customer: This is the most common type of e-commerce, in which a company selling goods or offering services caters to a variety of internet users.
  • BTB or Business to Business: This is more of an agreement between two companies in which one grants services or goods to another company.
  • CTC or Customer to Customer: This is more or less a simple transaction between two completely ordinary internet users who decide to make a quick buck or strike a good deal by doing things such as selling an old comic book for a few bucks.

Platforms of Ecommerce

Of course, e-commerce isn’t as easy as it actually sounds. Like any real job, e-commerce requires dedication and taste for good quality. Without these, you’ll never be able to set up a good foundation for whatever business you may have in mind.

Here’s how you can start:

  • By getting a side job that can help fund your efforts.
  • Using a funding system like Kickstarter to get your project off the ground.

Setting up a Shop

Now that we’ve got the main things out of the way, it is now time to talk about how you’re going to launch your little business. You can start off small and just trade with friends and relatives, but if you’re going to put up a big business, you’re going to have to make use of something a little bigger than just a Facebook page.

This is when you’ll need to go with some of the leading names when it comes to building your own personal market for customers. These two are called “webhosts” and are what allows common internet users to start websites of their own. But deciding on which is a choice left to the customer.


It is a webhost designed primarily for doing business. Yep, that means that it caters to just about everything to do with business. This includes things like selling goods and letting potential customers view each product and decide for themselves what they want to buy. Shopify ecommerce webhost is meant to be a way for anyone interested in doing online business to flaunt their goods in hope of profiting from them.


WordPress is more of a generalist webhost and offers a wide variety of services for both business purposes and non-financial activities. This is usually preferred by many amateurs and beginners who want to try building their own website. However, due to the high cost of its more important features and since it’s not exactly aimed at doing business; it is not exactly a platform you would want for your business.