Major Advantages of Cloud VPS Over Traditional VPS Hosting for WordPress Projects

In the past different organizations were supposed to use their own servers to host their websites, databases or applications, which was at times very difficult, expensive and non-scalable.

However with the time passing the concept of shared hosting evolved. When different companies could share a single hosting server for their website. Although initially there were things which were still missing and were desired by the entities, like low costs and well established control through the web-based control panel (cPanel / WebsitePanel / Plesk) and customization.

Over time VPS (virtual private server) became the most reliable source for building hosting structure. Especially for CMS-based websites, like the ones based on WordPress.

When VPS was introduced, it was initially used with the help of one piece of hardware. However later on with the discovery of cloud computing the VPS became obsolete and handled by cloud through the number of different pieces of hardware. Since cloud VPS used different hardware pieces. It was capable of determining the hardware that is efficient enough to deal with the given task. Due to the efficiency of cloud VPS hardware, companies are designing machines with the cloud VPS as the central component of their infrastructure.

Let me outline a few key advantages of cloud VPS hosting over traditional VPS below and how it can benefit your WordPress project performance:

  • Cloud VPS is not hosted on a single piece of hardware – instead it is distributed across different types of fully redundant hardware which form a redundant cluster consisting of Hypervisors, storage arrays, backup servers, etc. Cloud VPS is efficient and quick in responding to the requests and its attribute of being hardware independent makes it convenient for increasing and decreasing its storage capabilities on the fly.
  • In the cloud VPS environment software updates are provided by the cloud hosting provider along with hardware tests and fixes. This thing guarantees cloud hosting software and hardware being always up-to-date.
  • There is high accessibility while using cloud VPS: you can use it anywhere at any time in the world. Your cloud server could be updated and run just within 30 seconds.
  • In case of cloud VPS, IT professionals are not always absolutely satisfied with its security. However the success factor of cloud suggests that it is more secure than the traditional VPS and its security is based on ISO security standards. Moreover, by keeping your WordPress installation always up-to-date, you can eliminate all common security risks.
  • Cloud VPS takes a shorter span for its deployment in comparison with traditional VPS. You can spin up a cloud VPS in as little as 5 minutes with operating system of your choice like CentOS, RHEL, Debian, Ubuntu or Windows Servers (2008 / 2012), etc.
  • With cloud VPS you can take risks with your new projects, because it won’t affect you financially. Cloud VPS if compared to traditional VPS allows you to pay for resources on demand, and does not require you to pay for any specified reserved space. This thing reduces the cost dramatically. Moreover experimenting with the cloud VPS comes with the minimal risk factor. You can easily experiment and decide based on results what the available option works best for you.
  • Cloud VPS server is completely scalable in architecture – you can start with a very minimal configuration and expand it as you grow. This becomes especially handy during online sales, promotions and events. When you are done, you can lower them to reduce hosting costs.