Why Do You Need a VPS Hosting for WordPress Business Blog?


The one thing that you mostly need when you run a business blog is the stable performance of your blog. You want people to visit your WordPress business blog without any trouble, such as slow loading time, server downtime, web elements failed to load, missing security certificate, and so on. Any of these problems can cause you to lose your site visitors, and in so doing, you will lose your potential customers.

If you are still using a regular hosting solution for your small business, it might not be enough to keep your WordPress business blog running smoothly and reliably at all times. You need a better hosting solution such as a VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting to ensure that you can improve your site performance quality in all aspects. Here are 7 reasons why you need a VPS hosting for WordPress business blog:

1. Better Site Performance and Reliability

The server that you are using will determine the performance of your business blog, especially when it is accessed from various places around the world. If you are using a shared server, the performance might be good only in places near the location of the server, and it will also be determined by whether the other websites hosted in the same server has lots of traffic or not. When you use VPS, you will ensure that your site can perform the best, and it is always reliable for the visitors to access your site.

2. Better Security to Keep All Data Safe and Private

The VPS used in your business blog can really help you to keep all the important data safe and private. This is because when you sign up for the service, you will be given the username and password that you can use to control your server fully. Nobody else is using the same server as you. On top of that, it also has various types of advanced security certificates that you can install on your business blog, unlike the standard security certificates that are available in most shared servers.

3. Minimum Downtime Even During the Big Update Process

It would be very annoying for your site visitors when they keep on failing to access your business blog due to downtime. If they really need to find some information about your business, and they need it urgently, they wonít be able to do that when your site is undergoing a downtime. Moreover, if the downtime happens too often, it will give your site a bad reputation in the eyes of your visitors as well as the search engines. This is where VPS can save your business by minimizing the downtime significantly, especially during big update process.

4. Better Customer Service

When you are using a shared server, you will need to wait generally 24 hours to get the answer for your questions. Moreover, if there are other customers who are contacting the customer service department at the same time, you will need to wait for longer time to get your questions answered. If the problem needs to be solved urgently, the waiting time can be agonizing for you. However, with VPS, you will be able to get priority support from the customer service department, and you can get your problems resolved as soon as possible.

5. Upgrading Your Server Hardware Will be a Breeze

The VPS plan will usually allow you to configure your own hardware and scale your business as it grows. So, when you need a better hardware, you simply need to replace it and upgrade your plan right away. There is no complicated process to do that. You can upgrade individual parts of your server, such as CPU, hard drive, RAM, and the like, in order to get the best performing server that is suitable to host your WordPress business blog.

6. No Need to Share Your Server with Others

When you use the VPS service, you are using the server for your own business. Of course, you can use the same server to manage multiple websites or blogs, but you don’t need to share your server with other users. This can help you to control your online business operation fully. You will know exactly the hardware needed to run your business blog, and you can scale your business as it grows. You can downgrade or upgrade your server as you please, and thus, keep the cost efficiency for your overall business.

7. Better Site Means More Potential Customers

When you have a better performing WordPress business blog thanks to the use of the VPS service, your site visitors will be able to access your site without problems. Any web elements won’t fail to load, and everything will go smoothly for your visitors. This will in turn improve the user experience significantly. Not only that, your site performance in the search engines will be increased gradually as well. Also, your WordPress business blog will be regarded as a reputable site, which will attract even more potential customers to your business.