Everest Review Plugin – Show Your Business Reviews And Feedback

If you’ve established your own business, either local or global, you might want to show it to your audience by making it available online. Then, you create the website for your business so that people can learn more about your business by visiting your website before they actually decide to visit your place and use your service. No matter the type of business that you have, whether it is a restaurant, hotel, resort, retail store, service-based business, or any other type of business, you might want to ensure that your potential customers have a positive perception about your business before they decide to do business with you.

This is what Everest Review plugin is for. If you have created your website with WordPress, then you can install this plugin to show the reviews and feedback about your business on your website. Not only that, you can customize the look and feel for each review by choosing the corresponding template that you want to use.

Developed by AccessKeys, this plugin can help you sculpt a positive image about your website, establishing a good reputation for your business online.

Everest Review Plugin

What Is Everest Review Plugin?

This is the premium WordPress plugin that allows you to add custom review pages or posts, which you can fill with the reviews for your business. The reviews can either be written by the admins or the users, depending on the need. The users can easily add their feedback about your business directly onto your website, and thus, automatically add the overall testimonials from your customers.

With this plugin, you can show your audience how previous customers think about your business. They can read reviews about your business from various customers before they decide to use your service.

Each review page is customizable with various templates and other options that can help you tweak the look and feel of your pages, making it more interesting for your audience to read.

Everest Plugin general setting

Here are some main and highlighted features of this plugin:

  • Various elegant review templates to choose.
  • Different review types that you can write.
  • Customizable elements for each review template.
  • Configuration for each review section.
  • Pagination and filter option.

Aside from those highlighted features, there are still many more features that you can enjoy after installing this plugin. You just need to try it yourself.

Main Features

These are the features that you can use after installing this plugin on your website, which are the best features that this plugin can offer. It consists of the main functionality of the plugin, as well as various ways to use the plugin as you see fit.

Elegant Review Templates


With this plugin, you will not get a monotonous template that you cannot change in any way. Instead, you will get a variety of beautiful and elegant templates that you can choose according to your preference. Each template layout has its own style, and thus, each template shows your reviews in different ways. One template may emphasize the pictures of your business place, while another template may emphasize the star rating in your review. So, you can pick the one that suits you.

Different Types Of Review

There are various types of review and feedback that you can write in your review page, and each different type of review can emphasize different aspects of your business. The overall score of your business can be displayed with different graphics as well. You can choose square, circular, or line graph to display the overall satisfaction of your customers. So, it gives a lot of varieties in your reviews.

Customizable Review Template Elements


Once you’ve picked the review template layout that you want to use, you can customize your template in the way that you want it. You can change the header, badge, text, description, and so on. It’s easy to do that since you just need to click a few times in order to apply the changes.

Review Section Configuration

Each review section is also configurable, which means that it is very easy to tweak each section of your reviews according to the look and feel that you want to get. For instance, you can change the star rating section according to the look that you want to have. You can also change other sections, such as text review, overall score, images, reviewer information, and so on.

Pagination And Filter Option

Since you are allowed to display an unlimited number of reviews on your website using this plugin, you might want to customize the page and filter some results. If so, then you can easily configure your page and filter by accessing the pagination and filter option, which is the option that gives you full control of the pagination and filtering aspects of your review page. You can enable or disable pagination and filter using this option.

Additional Features

Aside from the main features that are offered by Everest Review plugin, you can also get many additional features that will enhance your experience in using this plugin. These additional features are not only the features that make this plugin even more useful for you, but it is also the features that ensure your long-term investment with this plugin. Here are some additional features that you can enjoy when you decide to use this plugin:

  • Spam Blocking. Since you will allow anyone to submit their reviews for your business, it is important that you filter their feedback, so that there are no spam reviews being submitted to your system. This is why this plugin offers a spam blocking feature to ensure that each review is written by a legitimate user, so that each review is credible and accurate.
  • Responsive Layout. When you use this plugin, you don’t need to worry about the device that your audience is using to access your website. This plugin has the responsive layout feature to ensure that each review is displayed properly regardless of the device used by your audience.
  • User-friendly Interface. Both for back-end and front-end, this plugin offers a user-friendly interface that gives the users and admins the comfort of writing good reviews, as well as tweaking each review.
  • Privileges. You can set the privileges for the reviewers, so that only certain privileged users can write their reviews on your website. Without this privilege, you might end up receiving hundreds of spam reviews on a regular basis.
  • Admin Alert. Each review that is submitted via this plugin will automatically be logged, and the system will alert the main administrator of your website about this review. The admin can then choose to either publish the review, modify it, or delete it. This will ensure that each review is high quality, and there is no spam or low quality reviews published to your website.


If you really care about your business reputation online, this is one of the best investments that you can make for your website. The Everest Review plugin is the plugin that you need to install on your website to keep your audience interested in your business. It is one of the best ways to show your potential customers about the quality of your business, as well as showing them the reason why they should do business with you.