Weekly WordPress Roundup #39

Hey, folks!

It doesn’t feel like it was a week ago, I sat down and wrote our weekly WordPress roundup. Days and weeks fly when you’re having fun, right? Well, it’s Friday again and a new great weekend to look forward to.

As usual, we dive in and take a look at what has happened in the WordPress community during the past week.

But first I would like to address a few things that are very obvious and crystal clear for a lot of people while it is less understandable for others.

I’m talking about installing WordPress!

Although WordPress wrote their Famous 5-Minute Install, we at WP Daily Thems often get questions about how to install WordPress! A lot of  users are really unsure and would like assistance. I can understand their concerns and I would love to see a further simplification of the management of creating a database, a database user and the whole process of the installation of WordPress.

What do you think, as a beginner or advanced WordPress users? Is it easy enough for anyone to install WordPress on their own even if they don’t have much knowledge?

I am convinced that if it were possible to further simplify the WordPress installation, WordPress current 25% percent of the web would increase significantly.

To all who would like to have detailed help on how to install WordPress, we’ve got it covered. Help is on the way. Continue reading.

Let’s take a look at the news from the WordPress community – Here is WP Daily Themes Weekly WordPress Roundup #39.

A Guide to the Best Ways to Install WordPress

Jenni McKinnon who writes on WPMU dev blog has compiled an excellent article on how to install WordPress. Some of the most popular methods use different software and platforms including cPanel, phpMyAdmin, FTP with FileZilla, SSH, and MySQL. In this post, she shows you how to install WordPress using all of these methods, including the famous five-minute install.

Weekly WordPress Roundup

” One of the many great features of WordPress is how easy it is to install. You can have a live site set up on your hosting platform before your coffee’s done brewing.”

Jenni also goes through how to setup WordPress with an auto-installer, such as Softaculous, which takes just seconds, so roll up your sleeves, fire up your hosting account and let’s get started.

43 Expert Bloggers Weigh In: What’s the Most Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2016

Codrut Turcanu who is a well-known  profile online who have worked with marketing online since 1999. He connects top bloggers with industry experts and key influencers for maximum leverage. In his latest article, he asked 43 expert bloggers (including myself), What’s the Most Powerful Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2016?

Weekly WordPress Roundup

If you want to know what works in digital media for 2016 (and beyond) then it is essential you learn from the bloggers who eat, live and breathe social media marketing. You may have heard about some of them already. He interviews these famous digital marketing bloggers, and this article includes their best “secret recipes” on the best social media strategy, platforms, and tools out there. Recommended reading.

WP REST API Will Not Be Included In 4.5

The REST API will not be included in WordPress 4.5, according to an update posted by Adam Silverstein, Senior Web Engineer at 10UP.

“The REST API team’s proposal is to merge the four main endpoints when they are ready, and they are not ready for 4.5,” the post said. “As such, no endpoints are targeted for WordPress 4.5.”

This news comes after last week’s conversation during which Matt Mullenweg said he was uncomfortable merging the REST API until the endpoints were complete. He was referring to the fact that the four default endpoints aren’t ready, even though they are available in the plugin. The conversation ended with the future of the API uncertain, and now it appears the merge is on hold until that can be fixed.

Rescue Themes is For Sale

After two years in business, Jami Gibbs is selling Rescue Themes. The niche theme shop specializes in products for nonprofits, politics, breweries, and e-commerce websites.

“This decision hasn’t come lightly and I’ve had many sleepless nights wrestling over it,” Gibbs said in her post announcing that the shop is for sale. “

Gibbs is looking for a buyer who will make positive contributions to the WordPress community, continue support for her current customers, and continue to distribute the current products under the GPL license. If you are interested in taking over a well-worked WordPress theme shop, why not make an offer?

Ending Notes:

That’s all folks. Yet another awesome week in the WordPress community. I hope you will benefit greatly and make use of the tips in the article. Please continue to send in all  WordPress tips to us so we can add them to our next roundup. Drive safe and have an amazing weekend! See you soon.