Hueman is a magazine WordPress theme provided by PressCustomizr, which allows you to create fully-featured blog and magazine websites with highly responsive design and high resolution images. This theme offers flexible layout options that allow you to do any kind of tweaks and customizations to make this theme suitable for your business niche. The modern and smooth layout design allows your readers to explore your website with comfort and ease. The design is not overwhelming and distracting for your audience, as it uses a proper website structure and well-managed categorization on the home page.

Three-column Layout

This theme is designed to have a three-column layout, making it easy for your website visitors to read the content of your magazine website. The three-column layout is also designed to be elegant and smooth, with well-organized website elements that help your audience find interesting content on your website easily. This layout allows you to customize your website elements easily, giving the best look for your magazine-type website.

Elegant Featured Post Slider

The elegant featured post slider is available in the top area of the middle column, which means that the featured posts on your website are the first posts that your audience will see when they visit your website for the first time. The featured slider is not rotated automatically, which means that your readers need to click the arrow button in order to see the next featured post from your website. Each featured post contains a full-width image, a big post title, and a few sentences from the post. On the top right side of the image, you can see the number of comments for that particular post, which can indicate how popular the post is.

Two-column Latest Posts

As with any magazine theme, the focus is to show as many posts as possible on the home page of your website. With the two-column latest posts feature, you can do this in the best possible way. The two-column latest posts can be placed under the featured posts in the middle column area of your website. In this way, people can immediately see the recent posts that have been published on your website with well-organized layout. Each recent post has a medium-sized image from the post, some sentences from your post, post category, date of publication, and the number of comments.

Top Theme Features

  • Three-column website layout
  • Elegant social media buttons
  • Clean and professional branding
  • Main navigation in the top header area
  • Support video embed in your posts
  • Two-column recent post layout
  • One-column recent post layout
  • Elegant and professional design
  • Responsive layout with high resolution images