Pinnacle is a beautiful, creative and a feature-rich free WordPress Theme designed and created by the theme shop Kadence Themes. This is a trendy and elegant theme with versatile options and multiple styles. It is built with a modern flat design. Pinnacle works perfectly for website types like business, portfolio, online shop or simply as a personal blog. It is fully compatible with WooCommerce, so there is no problem setting up an online store and selling products or services.

Responsive Layout

The theme is fully responsive, meaning the theme will adjust and adapt to look perfect on any devices. No matter if your visitors using a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Your website looks just great on any screens. I installed Pinnacle in my test environment. It is simple to install and setup. It is very positive that the theme is created very flexible with a lot of features and options. Which means that you can customize a lot of stuff (almost anything) from the theme options panel.

As I mentioned, there are a lot of things that you can choose to customize in the options page. A few of the options available is. Logo options, footer layout, home slider, home layout, shop settings, product settings, portfolio options, blog options, advanced styling typography and much more.

In other words, there’s not much that you can’t customize. Sounds great, right?


Pinnacle offers various types of customization options to make your website look incredible. This theme can be used for various niches and types of businesses, so that you don’t need to switch to other themes when you want to build another website. The bold branding feature provided in this theme allows you to hook the attention of your readers since the first time they visit your website. With the blog post integration, you can show your latest posts to your website visitors on your home page, allowing them to know about the latest happenings in your business just by looking at your home page.

Three-column Feature Section

The feature section has three columns, which you can use to show about the features of your business to your audience. The three column layout makes it easy for you to add as many features as necessary, giving your website visitors better information regarding your business. Each of the features has one small icon at the top, along with a big underscored feature title, and some descriptions about each feature. When your readers hover on the features, they can see the Read More button that will direct them to the appropriate page about each feature. In this way, you can explain to your readers about each feature fully.

Grid-style Latest Posts Integration

This theme offers latest posts integration that allows your readers to get the latest information from your website. Each latest post is presented in such a way that will attract people to click on it. You can show 3 latest posts per line, and you can set how many posts that you want to display from the theme dashboard. On your latest posts, you can show a medium-sized image from your post, along with several sentences from your post. You can also show the post categories and tags on each latest post that is featured on your home page.

Bold Branding

The bold branding provided in this theme allows you to grab the interest of your audience to your website brand immediately, making it easier for them to remember your brand. The header of your website is blended beautifully with the featured image section. The featured image section also offers a bold branding for your website and give your visitors a general insight about each feature of your website. This feature also helps you to create a professional image for your business, which will affect your website reputation positively.

Top Theme Features

  • One page responsive layout
  • Bold branding on your website header and footer
  • Full-width featured image
  • Latest blog posts integration
  • Call to action section
  • Business features section
  • Social media buttons