WP Mega Menu WordPress Plugin from MyThemeShop

WP Mega Menu is a brand new WordPress plugin from MyThemeShop. With this plugin you can give your menus a boost and a beautiful professional look.

One thing that we often forget to highlight and focus on a website is the menus. They are just there. Obviously you links to your categories and pages from your menus in a standard way. But what if you could increase your visitors’ engagement, page views and perhaps your ad revenue! The question is just how you might do that?

MyThemeShop has recently released a WordPress plugin called WP Mega Menu. This plugin does everything I just described plus much more. With WP Mega Menu you can take your menus to a whole new level.

You can easily create beautiful and engaging menus with lots of great features that we list below. Worried to customize it! No problem the plugin works right out of the box. Best of all it works with all WordPress themes. Sounds amazing right! Here’s one way your new menu may look when using WP Mega Menu.

WP Mega Menu

As I mentioned earlier there are lots of great features and options in the plugin. You can increase page views by giving your users access to more content. Make your site look professional. Helps users check for interesting content without loading new pages. It can also improve Google rankings. Some of the key features in WP Mega Menu are:

  • Works with all WordPress themes
  • Loads lightning fast
  • Built-in pagination
  • Sleek loading effects
  • Ready out of the box
  • One click install

As that wasn’t enough (obviously not), we have just begun loading features. It is truly a multi-purpose menu plugin. You can create stunning menus with informative text, links, images from your website, nice loading effects and much more. Here are even more useful features included in plugin:

  • Easy configuration without bloated options panel
  • Eye-catching effects for loading and selection
  • Unlimited background colors
  • Shows featured images as thumbnails
  • Loads with AJAX
  • 439 Font icons included
  • Upload your own background image
  • Zero coding required
  • Plus much more ..