How To Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster

In a time when almost everything in this world is instant, waiting for a WordPress page to load—even if it takes a couple of seconds, can be one of the most annoying things in the world. It should be instantaneous, right?

Like when you hit enter or click the link, everything should be loaded in just a snap.

Though some people have more patience compared to those who gets easily impatient, the speed of loading the content of your blog, both text, and images, should not take forever. Just imagine the readership you might lose when your WordPress page loads within turtle-speed.

Why Does it Take so Loooong to Load My WordPress?

Uncommon to public knowledge, the speed of loading any website online does not entirely depend on your internet connection. There are many factors that can greatly affect the accessibility of your blog. It won’t matter if you happen to have the fastest internet speed in the world, if content issues get in the way, it would still not work.

So My WordPress Loads Slow, What’s it With Me?

Ask yourself this question: Why are you maintaining your WordPress page? Is it just an outlet of your passion for writing? An online diary? A business on the side? If you know why you dedicate time and effort to keep your blog running, then you are aware of the possible implications of slow page loading.

For one, it can take its toll on your readership.

Of course, it can affect your audience and potential regular visitors of your blog. Think of it this way, a new reader stumbles upon your WordPress page. The layout of your blog is awesome, your content is great and your topics are greatly interesting, but there’s one tiny glitch, it takes decades to load your page’s content. How much time does a reader allot in waiting, and if he or she does wait, how long can he/she do so?

It can give you bad reviews.

Your page is as only good as reviews from fellow bloggers and readers. Earning negative reviews just because your page won’t load faster and properly would not only be unfair and discouraging on your part.

Slow page loading can result in poor search engine rankings.

So what exactly is search engine ranking? This just means the placement of your website in the search results of search engines. There are many factors influencing the distance of your website to a result page 1—and it includes the criterion of fast page loading.

If you want to gain more audience and views, you need to be searchable. If your page loads very slowly, chances are your website can be found on result page number 8, meaning fewer people will know your blog exists!

And if you use your WordPress for professional business, the speed of content loading of your page can affect your sales and brand reputation—in a bad way. Remember, delay is never good for any business.  According to a report by the Microsoft Bing search team, a 2-second longer delay in page responsiveness reduced user satisfaction by 3.8%, increased lost revenue per user by 4.3%, and a reduced clicks by 4.3%.

Slow processing can also affect writing, putting up content and general blogging at your end. With slow speed processing, it would be very hard to beat deadlines and publish posts on time, which can be crucial especially if you have a strategic window in publishing your posts to the public.

So What are the Factors Contributing to the Slow Loading of My WordPress Page?

There are many factors why your page takes a lot of time to finish loading and allow you to browse peacefully.

These can be one (or more) reasons why your page is not loading as fast as it should go:

  • Shiny plugins out there
  • Too many widgets
  • Large images
  • A “free” WordPress Theme
  • Your webhost

To know how to fix the problems and get the most out our your WordPress site and your efforts in blogging, see the infographic below:

How To Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster