How To Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster

How To Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster

In a time when almost everything in this world is instant, waiting for a WordPress page to load—even if it takes a couple of seconds, can be one of the most annoying things in the world. It should be instantaneous, right? Like when you hit enter or click the link, everything should be loaded in … Read more

W3 Total Cache – Improve Your WordPress Site’s Speed and Conversions

Plugins act as the lifeline of a WordPress website. A plugin plays a vital role in improving the performance of any website. You can use different plugins for different purposes in WordPress. If you want to boost the SEO or improve the functionality, you have a number of plugins for every aspect that affects the … Read more

5 Quick Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

When the Internet first made its way into our homes years ago, we put up with slow connections because that’s all that was available. It was impressive enough simply to be able to access digital content. But as the Internet has evolved and connection speeds have accelerated, as readers we’ve grown to expect websites to … Read more

Schema – A WordPress Theme Optimized for Speed

Schema - A WordPress Theme Optimized for Speed

Speed is an essential ingredient when it comes to search engine optimization. Another important aspect if we’re talking WordPress themes is that you actually have a theme that is optimized for speed. Schema is a brand new WordPress theme from MyThemeShop. This may indeed be one of the fastest loading WordPress theme ever! MyThemeShop has optimized … Read more

Improving Site Speed With Image Optimization

Speed up your blog for better ranking

It’s no secret that a website that loads quickly, and without a hitch, can improve search rankings.  Of course faster load time also means users can be more engaged in your website and your bounce rate decreases.  While there are many factors that determine how quickly your website loads pages, graphics and images can have … Read more

How to Speed Up Your Blog for Better Ranking

Speed up your blog for better ranking

Yes, you read the title right. Speed does matter in ranking a blog/website better in the search engine results page. The prime factors gauged by Google (as a matter of fact, any search engine) is whether or not your blog is satisfactory to the visitor (searcher) in terms of content, search reliability and user experience. … Read more