Designing a Subscription Business Model with Subscriptio

Subscription business models are very popular with websites right now. These business models can be complex or simple, depending upon your needs, with the complex ones generally involving several different levels of subscription.

For example, someone may have the option of purchasing a platinum membership, which would give them access to articles, archives of articles and other features or purchasing a basic membership, which would give them access to only the current content.

The complexities of designing this from the business end are involved enough, but when it comes to the technological side of things, it actually might seem a bit more complex than it is. Subscriptio can accommodate these types of business models very well, allowing even not particularly technically adept webmasters to set up subscriptions with different levels and a host of other benefits.

The Right Subscription

Another plugin by the same developer – WooCommerce Memberships – can take care of making sure that the content you need to protect is protected and that the content you need to offer based on an subscription plan is offered. But taking recurring membershing payments and managing those subscriptions is really something that Subscriptio excels at. These two plug-ins are designed to work hand-in-hand and, together, they constitute a very efficient system for managing your WordPress memberships with subscription payments.

You are likely to have various types of subscriptions available at your website, and Subscriptio can accommodate that. It can handle subscriptions that involve a one-off payment and then a recurring payment. This, for example, has some very intuitive applications for tech businesses.

Just as an example, imagine that you sell a networking product – VPN, for instance – that requires an initial setup fee and then a recurring billing cycle to subscribe to the service. Subscriptio can handle this. Not only that but using Subscriptio with the WooCommerce Memberships plug-in can ensure that you have a WooCommerce subscriptions solution that handles every aspect of the transaction. Your products can be defined in WooCommerce Memberships and Subscriptio can certainly handle selling any kind of products that you have to offer.

Once you get those subscriptions rolling, you’re going to end up having to keep track of many different people who have subscribed to your website, at least, hopefully you will. Subscriptio is designed so that you can do this very easily, as well.

Designing a Subscription Business Model with Subscriptio

This requires a simple solution, but it’s a solution that so many plug-ins fail to offer adequately. Subscriptio excels at giving information about the transactions that occur on your membership site. You will have to guess about anything. It will track the subscriptions that have been purchased, whether or not those subscriptions are active, overdue, suspended or canceled and give you plenty of other information to work with to ensure that you have the best bookkeeping around.

This is all done from one admin area, which makes it a lot easier to keep everything organized and to make sure you can find the interfaces you need when you need them.

On top of WooCommerce subscriptions, you’re going to want to offer options for the subscriptions themselves. Again, Subscriptio can help you with that.

More than One Isn’t a Problem

If you really get rolling with a subscription website, you may find that you end up with several different subscription sections. Some people may want to offer varying levels of subscriptions and some people may want to offer entirely different subscriptions for each section of the site. Subscriptio can handle either arrangement.

Designing a Subscription Business Model with Subscriptio

Being able to sell recurring charges, even when you’re dealing with complex, multi-subscription accounts, is a huge benefit for anyone who runs a website. You no longer have to use tools from different developers to manage the different aspects of running a subscription website.

If you happen to be interested in getting a subscription model going at your website, success starts with the tools that you choose. If you haven’t yet, take a look at these two plug-ins, because they’re two of the best ones out there for WordPress administrators and they could actually make a significant difference in how easy it is for you to manage your website for your subscribers and, of course, for yourself.