Learn how Social Pop Up can increase your Social Media Presence

Social media is being called the biggest shift since industrial revolution; it is connecting the world like nothing else before, this is the reason why having well established social profiles for your website is now mandatory, Google itself has declared that they consider this as a factor to determine the place where a site ranks on the SERPs.

I think that if Google is paying attention to It I should do the same, and for this reason I decided to start looking some plugins for my WordPress site that could help me to promote my social profiles, and today I’m happy to say that I found a tool called Social Pop Up that could dramatically improve your social media presence and here I will give you the details about it.

Promoting your social media profiles today is essential not only to be present on the search engine results but also to be reached by people interested in your products. A great way to promote these profiles is through a website and today there are a lot of tools, both paid and free, to do this, and here I want to talk to you about a free solution.

The simplicity of the tool is what in my opinion makes it better as it is very user friendly and the setup is done with a few clicks. Using Social Pop Up is a clever idea in order to be noticed by the search engines and at the same time reach an audience of over a billion users. Only Facebook reached that number of active users and the quantity is growing every day.

Learn what Social Pop Up is and why it is so effective to promote social media profiles

Social Pop Up is a WordPress plugin that displays a small box with Twitter, Facebook like, and G+ buttons in order to promote those social profiles, the box can be conveniently closed at any time by the user and will only appear when and where you decide, this in my opinion is brilliant as you can make sure to promote your social profiles enough without ruining the visitor’s experience.

This is especially important for those sections of your website dedicated to convert as you can make sure to not display the pop up there and leave the visitor to fully concentrate on your products and services.

Here I want to highlight some of the special features that make Social Pop Up an amazing WordPress plugin:

  • Customizable: Having the ability to customize the configuration of the plugin is critical, this tool allows you to customize a lot about it, and the author even invites you to add or remove code of the tool. Among the aspects that can be customized are the time to wait before showing the box, the pages and posts where you want it to appear, the duration of the box on screen, the text displayed to the visitor, when not to show the box, and much more.
  • Easy to setup: The whole setup of the tool is done with very few clicks, it is just one screen and each part of the setup has a little bit of text to help you understand what will that option do.
  • Practical: This plugin displays a simple and small box with three little buttons and a message to the visitor, the box can be easily closed for the visitor at any time and it is a practical way of making sure that every single person visiting your site is aware that you are present on Twitter, Facebook, and Google +.

What I did not like about Social Pop Up plugin

This is just a personal preference and it comes from the fact that I really like widgets; I find these as practical and handy tools that are easy to setup and display simply by dragging and dropping. Social Pop Up is not a widget and it takes a dedicated page of the WordPress dashboard to configure it, the level of customization that it offers satisfies my needs and I think that is great but widgets work best for me due to the marketing strategy that I use on my site.

Start to promote your Social Media profiles with this amazing WordPress Plugin

As I mentioned earlier, promoting your social profiles is a must these days, and Social Pop Up offers an intelligent, free, and simple idea to help you do this. There is a lot of traffic that can be pulled from places like Facebook, Twitter, and Google +; these friends, fans, and followers will be on your social media list and you can be sure that they will come over and over again to your site every time that you post something new.

The whole secret is in promoting value, this is the key factor that will determine if the visitor stays with you or not, and in order to succeed online it is critical to reach as many people as possible.

To your online success!

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    • Hi Kale,

      I really like it, I find it very effective to drive likes and followers to your social accounts.
      I say that you should try it and do an A/B testing.

      Try one month with it and one month without it and measure everything.

      Thanks for your comment.

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