How to Convert Your Visitors into Subscribers?

This is not an easy task. There are marketing books written on this subject, and the fact is that it all comes down to marketing, which also has numerous books written about it. You need create a process to get your viewer from person with no incentive, to a person who is highly motivated.

Educate your audience about you before you sell

Many people are so entrenched in their own business that they forget that some people have no idea what they are all about. It is the same in all forms of business. For example, why don’t train stations have boards up explaining train procedure (ticket buying, etc), because if your parents do not teach you how to work the trains, then who will?

When a user enters your website, they have no idea what you do, what you sell, why you sell its and why they need it. Before you start selling to them, you need to gently educate them. First they need to know what you do and what you sell. They then need to know why they should trust you before you start selling to them. If you start selling before you have educated your potential customer, then you are no better than the salesman on your doorstep with his foot in your door.

What motivated the viewer to visit your site?

How to Convert Your Visitors into Subscribers?

If you know this then you are closer to knowing what they want. You really need to get into the mind of your viewer. You need to understand why they visited so that you hit the right note as soon as they hit your landing page. If they are looking at your site because they think you offer the best C++ programming tips on earth, then it is going to be a shame if the first thing they see is an article where you are criticizing the Apple Mac.

What benefits can you offer your subscriber?

Now that we are getting down to the nitty gritty, you need to ask yourself what you have to offer. You need something tangible to offer them in return for their subscription. And if they are paying you money, then you need to pile benefit upon benefit in order to compensate them for paying you. If you do not know what benefits you offer, how can you possible pile your benefits up benefits and offer them to the potential subscribers?

Do you have a Unique Selling Point (USP)?

This is very important, because if you do then you can base your whole business around it. Do you have a selling point that sets you apart from other people that your viewer may subscribe to? If your customer were to go to one of your competitors, what are they offering that you do not?

Attention, Interest, Decision, Action – AIDA

This is an old marketing technique, and you start by getting their attention. You may do this with a hook or something similar. You then give them a reason why they should care. You try to gain their interest by letting them know that they have a problem, and then telling them that you have the solution to their problem. You get them to decide if they want to take you up on your offer, and then you give them a way to take action.

Always Be Closing – ABC

This means that if you want to sell the idea of a subscription you must constantly be leading towards them taking the subscription. Do not make small talk and do not deviate from the selling point. At every point you must ask yourself, am I leading the viewer closer to becoming a subscriber. If you are not then you are failing and you need to change your strategy.

Be prepared to scare some people off sometimes. When you are targeting your viewer and you are in the selling process (and closing), you must not be afraid to write a few things that may scare some people off. That is how you root out all the undesirable viewers so that you are left with the ones who want to subscribe.

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