Yes You Can! Common WordPress SEO That Even You Can Fix

Yes You Can! Common WordPress SEO That Even You Can Fix

The great thing about WordPress is that you can pretty much create your own unique site without much technical knowledge. This, among other things, is the reason why WordPress is so popular. In fact, newer versions make all this customization easier so that literally anyone can create an own site. However, there are still some … Read more

Essential WordPress Plugins for Better SEO

Essential WordPress Plugins for Better SEO

WordPress is one of the most popular website template generators with over 48% of sites utilizing the software. But how you can optimize your WordPress site for higher rankings on search engine results list? By using plugin software to help raise the functionality of your WordPress site. The best part of these plugins is that … Read more

Myths About Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization Tips

The face of search engine optimization has certainly changed a great deal over the last decade. Google have made many changes to their algorithms, software is advancing rapidly and consumer expectations have never been higher, and where before it was a matter of pumping out large numbers of keyword stuffed articles, it is now about … Read more

6 Ways to Create Natural Links

Creating natural links is one of the most efficient approaches of website promotion and traffic increase. But where can we get them? A “fresh” blogger or website owner might find these several methods of getting high quality links quite useful. 1. Publish a product review Reviews are always appreciated by readers, especially those of new … Read more

Plugins to add Google Analytics to WordPress

Plugins to add Google Analytics to WordPress

Being a blogger, it’s important to know the traffic driving to you blog. Adding contents and optimizing your blog and your post is not the only job for the bloggers. You have to measure the traffic also. You should know what visitors are looking in your blog, for what they are spending the time on … Read more

Anchor Text vs. Linking Name to Anchor: The Difference and Why It Matters

SEO Tools - Free Ways to Improve Your Page Rank

There are many different linking practices a small business can use to improve SEO, so it’s important to keep track of all the different terminology. Unfortunately, this isn’t always easy. Once you get past the most popular types of linking—internal versus external links and your on-page versus off-page links/backlinks—you see a lot of confusion.  You … Read more

5 Easy Tips for Interlink Articles by WordPress SEO

Generate rewarding backlinks for WordPress sites but how let’s talk!

Most bloggers don’t realize the importance of interlinking. Interlinking your blog articles is important to rank your site better in the search engines and also to generate more traffic to your site. What is interlinking? Interlinking your blog posts means creating links from your new posts to your previous ones within the same website or … Read more