Hacked? How Safe is Your Website? [Infographic]

What’s the health and safety of your website worth?  Imagine an ecommerce website -one moment enjoying a healthy stream of revenue, then hacked, leaving private information available, disrupting further operation and revenue acquisition?  It happens often.

Using online services, placing trust in available websites, is easy, but getting a website hacked, losing crucial data, trust of website users, and to-be money invested in finding and exacting a solution, is not.

They’re out there, waging millions of attacks per year.  What can webmaster do, preventing incoming hack attacks? The threat of hackers awaits, potentially affecting your website’s content.  How often do webmasters fall victim to hackers?

Are you currently vulnerable?

634,000,000 websites reported instances of hacking and tampering in 2012, a significant number leveraging WordPress and Joomla as content management providers (48% of the top online blogs use WordPress.)

Available plug-ins (25,000 WordPress plug-ins) and downloads leave users susceptible to incoming threats, malicious instances growing 140% between 2010 and 2012, accounting for $687 million in loss.

What’s the best defense?

A number of nefarious and covert methods, leveraged by hackers, include using redirects and ‘pharma hacks.’  There’s hope and no need to fall eventual victim like those using:

  • Poor and weak passwords
  • Out-of-date core files, platforms, and extensions
  • Cheap hosting

Stay educated, minding astounding numbers and easy solutions available:

  • Backup your website
  • Use plugins that negate multiple failed attempts of logging in
  • Verify your website via Google Webmaster Tools
Hacked? How Safe is Your Website? [Infographic]