Internet Marketing: Tips for beginners to get visitors stay on blog longer

Bloggers have to ensure that their visitors stay on their blogs for more time. Getting more and more visitors to a blog is useless if they don’t spend more time on the blog by clicking on more links and ads. Staying for more time will make your visitors to perform the call of action (key action anticipated you expect from them. Below are some of the tips to make your visitors to stay for longer time on your blog and increase their loyalty:

Provide Valuable Content Rather than Blatant Advertising

The content of your blog is the sticking point which can help in building a long term relationship with your visitors. Always try to provide content in your blog that is valued by customers instead of blatant advertising. Valuable content will increase the relationship with your visitors and help in converting them into loyal customers. Some of the content which is generally valued by visitors of a blog include FAQs and solutions to problems faced in a particular area, free online courses and tutorials, forums and support systems which facilitate interaction between the visitors.

Remove Unnecessary External links from your Landing Pages and Use Internal Links

Removing unnecessary external links from your blog will help in reducing the bounce rate and increasing your rankings. Never plaster your blog pages with links and affiliate banners as your visitors can leave the blog immediately after they enter. Instead, try to include more internal links to other related pages or posts in your blog. This will help a lot in making your visitors stay on your blog for a longer time. There are many WordPress plugins which are helpful in adding relevant internal post links to your blog.

Use Captivating Images Along with your Content

A good image speaks a thousand words. Human Beings are stimulated by images very easily and this can be easily exploited by using proper images and colors along with your content. It is often possible that a right image coupled with good content can induce emotional response to help lay the basics for the right mindset.

Include Video Content in your Posts

Videos are an excellent way to communicate with people. Try to use short videos in your posts where ever possible to make your posts more engaging. These short videos can offer more value to your visitors than multiple pages of written text. Customers who will generally leave your page within a few seconds will now stay back for more time watching these videos. Videos of on your blogs are just a modern extension of TV commercials, but you can alter the videos that are shown to the people depending upon their tastes and preferences.

Links Open in New Tab or Window

Setting the new links and advertisements to open in the same tab or window where your blog pages are loaded can annoy your visitors and make them to leave quickly. Making them to open in another new tab or window when clicked on them is a good alternative. This way, your website still exists on the browser and your visitors can quickly come back to the page and stay there for more time.

Following the above tips can help bloggers to welcome their visitors to stay longer rather than sending them away.