Weekly WordPress Roundup #42

Hey, folks!

Another week in the WordPress sphere has passed and we have, as usual, a bunch of great news, articles and tips for you to check out.

We continue our journey towards the major release of WordPress 4.5 and WordPress 4.5 Beta 4 was released a few days ago. WordPress 4.5 is scheduled to be released April 12, 2016, and hopefully, we can then check out all the news and updated features. Exciting right?

We have also a lot of other news and interesting articles from the WordPress community that we really can recommend to all of you. In other words! An ordinary week in WordPress.

Check out WP Daily Themes Weekly WordPress Roundup #42 and let’s take a look at what happened in the WordPress sphere in the past week.

WordPress 4.5 Beta 4

As I mentioned earlier is now WordPress 4.5 Beta available for download and testing purposes. If you are interested in a preview of WordPress 4.5, it is advisable you test it through a test site, and not your production website. Install the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (you’ll want “bleeding edge nightlies”) and take 4.5 for a test run.

This is the final planned beta of WordPress 4.5, with a release candidate scheduled for next week. Some of the changes in Beta 4 include:

  • Support for oEmbed moments and timelines from Twitter.
  • Tightened up the Inline Link feature.
  • Support <hr> editor shortcut with 3 or more dashes (—); no spaces.
  • Fixes for SSL with Responsive Images.
  • Allow rewrite rules to work in nested WordPress installations on IIS.

Plus almost 100 changes during the last week. Have you had the opportunity to try WordPress 4.5 Beta 4 yet? What do you think?

40 Non-Recommended WordPress Plugins

You have probably read many of the roundups and lists featuring recommended and the best WordPress plugins you should use for different reasons. There are tons of them, I promise. For better or worse maybe? Many of these lists can be helpful with useful tips. While as many can be of the opposite. But how many roundups have you read with WordPress plugins you should avoid? Not that many, right?

At the TemplateMonster blog, MonsterPost you can read a great roundup – 40 Non-Recommended WordPress Plugins by Jeremy Blackwood of which plugins you should preferably avoid using. They have analyzed the plugins disallowed by the 4 major managed hosting providers: GoDaddy, WPEngine, MediaTemple, and Imagely. Do you use any of these plugins listed? What is your opinion?

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Set up a WordPress Website

A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Set up a WordPress Website

How to Set up a WordPress website? Raise your hand if you believe Creating a website is a Difficult Task! Hence, if you did raise your hand to the sentence at the top, well, check out the article from Thy Dao – A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Set up a WordPress Website and we tell you the opposite: Building a website is not-so-hard a task any longer!

If you are a WordPress beginner and want to learn more about how to set up a WordPress website this article contains simple and understandable tips on why you should choose WordPress as CMs and how to proceed in the best possible way.

How To Change Your WordPress Theme Without Tears

Switch your website WordPress theme can be very easy task or a real nightmare if you are not prepared. When you decide on a new theme, in theory, it’s simple: go to Appearance > Themes in the Dashboard, search for a new theme, install it and click Activate. Easy, right? Usually, it isn’t that simple.

In fact, it can be a pretty complex thing to do. From my own personal experience, I know that something that sounds as simple as just changing a theme can be very time-consuming and cause a lot of work to get everything to look perfect again.

Claire Brotherton has written an excellent article – How To Change Your WordPress Theme Without Tears that you absolutely must read if you are considering changing your own WordPress theme. There are many pitfalls you might encounter if you have a complex website, so read the article to be prepared for all possible problems.

Ending Notes:

That’s all folks. Yet another awesome week in the awesome WordPress community. I hope you can make use of the tips in the article. Please continue to send in WordPress tips to us so we can add them to our next roundup. Drive safe and have an amazing weekend! See you soon.