Weekly WordPress Roundup #47

Hey, folks! Happy Friday!

Yet another eventful and exciting week in the WordPress community.

There is so much going on in the WP sphere that sometimes it can be really hard to absorb all the news and information that is shared and spread through articles and social media. But we do our best to collect interesting articles and helpful tips, resources , tutorials etc that happen during the past week.

Last week’s big news was, of course, the release of WordPress 4.5 “Coleman” that was named in the honor of the jazz tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins. After this short period of time, WordPress 4.5 has been downloaded almost 5 million times. Impressive numbers, right?

However, the WordPress development team has identified two bugs and WordPress 4.5.1 is scheduled to be released next week.

We also have lots of other recommended articles, tutorials, resources, giveaways and podcasts on our agenda today, so I sincerely hope you will find something you like, and maybe even can implement on your own WordPress website.

Let’s have a look at WP Daily Themes Weekly WordPress Roundup #47 and what happened in the WordPress community the past week.

WordPress 4.5.1 Expected Early Next Week

As you probably all know, WordPress 4.5 “Coleman” was released last week and without too many issues. But the WordPress development team Identified two bugs: WordPress TinyMCE toolbar/tabs unresponsive in Chrome Version 50.0.2661.75 beta-m (64-bit) and Twenty eleven page templates with widgets incorrectly styled. Now WordPress 4.5.1 Release Candidate is available for download (for Testing Purposes) and WordPress 4.5.1 is scheduled to be released next week. Read more about WordPress 4.5.1 at WP Tavern.

Should User Data From WordPress.org Belong To The Community?

Should user data from WordPress.org be shared with the community? What´s yours opinion? WordPress is a community-driven project. And, as such, the software, as well as all of the plugins and themes in the directory, are developed and maintained by the community. Josh Pollock says: WordPress.org is collecting data on all of its users (as it should), but this information isn’t available in an aggregate form to the community. Right or wrong?

How to Fix the White Screen of Death on Your WordPress Website

All of you who experiencing for the ‘White Screen of Death‘ know what horrifying moment it is and it can be a really nightmare to troubleshoot. Thankfully, the WordPress community has over time discovered how to tackle the most common sources of the White Screen of Death and there are solutions. Tom Ever goes over the most common causes of the WSoD and how to solve the problem.

Which WordPress Files Should You Backup? And the Right Way to do it

To take a backup of your WordPress is a very important and necessary task against unexpected server failures and hacks. But what options and alternatives are there to secure and backup the files? Plugin, service or a manually backup? The next question is which files should be backed up? WPBeginner has written a useful and detailed guide on which WordPress files are important to backup and the right way to do it.

25+ Ideas for WordPress Blog Posts that Are Proven to Work

All of you who have a blog or writing posts know that sometimes ideas run out about what to write. This is what we usually call writer’s block. It’s a very usual thing for any blogger. Why do experienced bloggers rarely encounter this lack of inspiration?”, May you ask? The truth is, they do, quite often. This is a very common problem among all bloggers. In this post, Thy Dao give you 25+ ideas for WordPress blog posts that are proven to work plus a hand in stimulating your imaginative brains! Prepare yourself to be overwhelmed with blog post ideas!

Useful Tutorials:

  • How to Use Google Events Tracking / Goals to Track Your Optin Subscribers
  • How to Create Facebook Instant Articles for WordPress Blogs
  • SnapID Plugin Offers Free, Patented Two-Factor Authentication Login For Your WordPress Site
  • Merging A Single Site Into a WordPress Multisite Network
  • How to Move WordPress for Local Development with XAMPP
  • How to Add Google Forms to Your WordPress Website
  • How to Create Custom WordPress Layouts with Beaver Builder
  • A Handy Guide on Creating and Using Shortcodes in WordPress
  • How To Create A Successful Online Store With WordPress, From Start To Finish
  • How To Protect WordPress With .Htaccess

WordPress Resources:

  • Tips for Preventing Image Theft in WordPress
  • 30 Creative and Neglected Ways to Increase Traffic to Your WordPress Site
  • How To Choose Web Hosting for Your Website
  • Which WordPress Files Should You Backup? And the Right Way to do it
  • Secure Your WordPress Website With Two-Step Authentication
  • Introducing Facebook Save Button For WordPress
  • Beginner’s Guide to WordPress File and Directory Structure

Product Reviews:

  • Stag: A WordPress Theme Offering Endless Portfolio Design
  • H-Code: A Powerful, Responsive & Multipurpose WordPress Theme
  • WordPress Cache Enabler Plugin Review
  • Detailed Review of Cornerstone WordPress Page Builder
  • Amazon Affiliate Plugin for WordPress Review – Earn Affiliate Income with AAWP

WordPress Giveaways:

  • Cool Giveaway from WP Shrug – Grab 1 of 3 Six Months Silver WP Support Services Plans
  • How To Add Extra Product Information In WooCommerce Using Meta Box (Giveaway)


  • WordPress 4.5 — Draft Podcast
  • WPWeekly Episode 231 – An Inside Look at the Plugin Review Process with Mika Epstein
  • Business Models for WordPress Products – Part 3
  • Investing in the WordPress Community with Matt Cromwell
  • Level Up WordPress Development 2, GoogleFu and Asking Questions

Ending Notes:

That’s all folks! Yet another awesome week in the awesome WordPress community. I hope you can make use of some the tips in our WordPress weekly recap posts. Please let me know about all WordPress stuff you come across so we can add them to our next roundup. Drive safe and have a wonderful weekend!