Why To Choose WordPress for E-Commerce Websites?

Right from a simple publishing platform to an exceptional content management system, WordPress has evolved tremendously. This CMS powers some of the most influential websites and sums up for nearly 26% of all the websites. This whopping number is more than enough to demonstrate that how popular WordPress is.

Now this CMS is all around the web and people are loving to use the same for their e-commerce websites. Thus, the benefits of WordPress have now been extended to the profits through e-commerce sites. While the advantages of WordPress cannot be summed up in a single blog post. We have tried to accentuate few of the major benefits of using this platform for developing e-commerce sites.

1. Open-source with exceptional community support

It is a well-known fact that WordPress is an open-source platform that means users can modify the source code in any of the ways they require for the development of their e-commerce websites. Using WordPress offers a number of other benefits and one exceptional is the full control over the website.

With a typical CMS from a professional e-commerce company, there are commercial limitations that limit the benefits. However, with WordPress, there are no such limitations, which makes it an exceptional content management system to utilize.

2. A content-centric platform

WordPress was initially developed as a blogging tool and thus, it has got all the features that are required to rank e-commerce sites higher in the search results. This makes WordPress an SEO-friendly platform and the foremost choice of website owners to get massive organic traffic on their websites.

As WordPress helps get more and more traffic towards the website, what can suit more to a newly created e-commerce website! Thus, being a content-centric platform, WordPress is exceptional in providing the higher search ranking.

3. A secure and flexible platform

WordPress offers security solutions with a number of plugins that are available to be used for free or on a premium amount. Although WordPress is an open-source platform and thus, a number of users have a fear of vulnerability to hacking but the right use of platform could help in securing the platform.

With the addition of plugins, there comes flexibility in the WordPress website development process. The platform is already an exceptional one and addition of plugins makes it more flexible.

4. Support to diverse payment gateways

It is another benefit that WordPress is known for. Although you need to add on any related plugin to integrate the payment option over your website; however, the option itself is really exceptional. As soon as any related plugin integrated, the payment can be made securely.

This content management system supports payment gateways that include PayPal, Google Checkout, 2Checkut, Stripe, Brainstree and other such similar platforms. WordPress is not only known for facilitating complete payment process but also for being one secured. Due to huge community, you’ll find integration with pretty much all the popular payment gateways.

Security comes packed with the WordPress websites again with the use of plugins that have been developed for the same. Hence, you need not worry for your payments to remain unsecured.

5. A highly customizable platform

WordPress is highly customizable and this makes it a perfect CMS for creating e-commerce websites. The customization can be done by adding the themes that are also responsive in nature. Thus, while utilizing the platform for developing WordPress websites, a number of customization can be added to get the desired result.

WordPress is easy to use and thus, a non-native WordPress user can also get familiar with the platform and can have the easy time while working with this platform. Learning WordPress, on the other hand, is easy also.

6. Easy e-commerce integration

WordPress is easy to integrate with e-commerce websites. Thus, there is no requirement of redesigning the entire website in case website owners decide to develop a new e-commerce website without having any future plans. All those users need to do is install a related plugin such as WooCommerce and kick-start the site development.

WordPress easily integrates one website element with the another, which initiates the development of e-commerce websites with the utmost ease. More to this, the exceptional elements add more to the features of the website.

7. Multilingual support

WordPress is not just limited to be used in just one language. The exceptional developers community is all there working hard to translate WordPress into as many languages as possible with each major version release. Countless developers from across the globe are working hard to contribute to the success of WordPress this way.

WordPress website development also follows the W3C standards so that the resulted websites are accessibility-friendly. The user-friendly platform thus gets more visible as well as client-centric.


These are some of the benefits of using WordPress for developing e-commerce websites. As the ultimate aim of any such website is to get higher traffic on the web, the task becomes much easier when utilizing WordPress for the same. More to this, the exceptional WordPress benefits are not only limited to the points that have been discussed here but also go beyond them.