Why You Should Personalize Your WordPress Blog with Custom Colours

The most accepted way to initiate a blog is by WordPress. Most people are nowadays using blogs so there are numerous blogs which people get to see. How will you make your blog stand out from the rest of the crowd so that it gets recognised and appreciated? You need to choose a theme which is sole and completely different from the rest of the lot. You can do so by adding something different in it, customising the side panel, the tool bars and the logos, the designs, fonts and background along with the colour scheme.

The content should also be unique and different than the rest of the monotonous content present in numerous blogs. Colour is a very important thing in a webpage or a blog. Along with playing a very important role in our life, it also plays a major role in enhancing to the website. WordPress blogs should be personalised with traditional and well liked colours.

Let us see the benefits of personalising the wordpress themes with custom colours. Custom colours are colours which are accepted and liked by everyone. Custom colours allow you to choose colours from the given palette and customise your site with your preferred colours. You can drag and drop your preferred colours and beautify your site. They are not too hard on the eyes and also have a very soothing effect. Colours also help to signify a lot of things. People do not like colours which are too bright and gorgeous like florescent or too dark colours.

1. Help to attract more customers

Custom colours help to attract more customers because, they are soothing and soft. People do not like loud colours, especially if it is a professional site. Colours like beige, peach. Light blue and pink are soothing to the eyes. Loud and dark colours also tend to distract customers and they tend to get disturbed and taken away from what they are actually searching for. Too much dark colours instead of attracting customers distract them away. If you want more footfalls in your blogs, you should try out colours that are well accepted by all groups. You can enhance your site by your own preferred colours.

2. Enhances the image of the company

The first impression is the last impression and that is common also in the case of people visiting a new website. If you open the website and see a deep black or florescent pink colour popping up in the screen, it will automatically irritate people. Isn’t it better if you have a smooth baby pink, or soft yellow or peach colour for your website? People will automatically get drawn to it and there will be more footfalls in your website. Try out customising your site with custom colours for people to get attracted.

3. Accentuate your site with good custom colours.

Highlight your website with good custom colours in the background as well as images. You can also add some soothing colours to the fonts in your posts. Avoiding using colours like white fonts in a yellow background which would be unseen. Your blog will be noticeably appealing if you choose good custom colours.

These are reasons why a word press blog should have custom colours so that it can be changed as per customer tastes and thus enhance your website as well.