How to Beef Up Your WordPress Category Pages

On the surface, WordPress category pages don’t seem all that important. More than likely, you have one or two set up to merely offer links, along with a small excerpt or sometimes even the entire post in the related category. If this sounds like your pages, it’s probably because you never bothered to spruce them … Read more

What to Do with Trackbacks and Self-Pings on Your WordPress Blog

One of the things I find really annoying about owning and running several WordPress-powered sites is that my inbox quickly gets cluttered with trackback and pingback notifications. If you don’t already know what they are, essentially every time someone links back to your site, WordPress notifies you by creating a sort of automatic comment. Trackbacks … Read more

5 Quick Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

When the Internet first made its way into our homes years ago, we put up with slow connections because that’s all that was available. It was impressive enough simply to be able to access digital content. But as the Internet has evolved and connection speeds have accelerated, as readers we’ve grown to expect websites to … Read more