Website Builders Vs Professional Web Designers – What’s the Right Choice

We dwell in a modern world where owning a full-featured website has become crucial to secure maximum earning in business. No matter how small or big your project is, a poorly constructed website will not even stand for a second before your audience comes and just instantly closes back without giving a glance at what you sell.

So what’s the best way to not let this happen: website builder or web designer? Should you wield an intuitive website builder, or should you employ an expert web designer? Both have pros and cons, but eventually, the answer to that concern hinges upon your needs, situation, timeframe, budget, and a mixture of other aspects.

Here, we analyze the distinctions between the two, so you can determine which one is the best-fit website-making solution for you.

Why Should You Use a Website Builder?

There are more than a few reasons why using a website builder is a potential choice hiring an expert web designer instead. It’s probably the simplest, cheapest, and almost quickest means to create a website. Some of the top advantages of going this route are:

  • It is Inexpensive

Many perks are associated with wielding a website builder, but the most obvious benefit is that it is relatively cheaper. With website builders like Weebly, Squarespace, or Wix, a fun and flashy website can be created in less than an hour for a much more reasonable price than if you were to take the service of an individual designer or agency.

The investment required for employing a quality web designer is obviously much bigger, but you have to be mindful that a professional maker is building a custom website totally from scratch to make sure it fits all your needs.

  • Offers you the Freedom to Induce Your Style

Using a website builder instead of hiring a professional designer means that users will have full control over whatever they do. As website builders guide the users along every stage, you can integrate whatever you want to see in your website without even a thread of coding knowledge.

However, keep in mind that going through a DIY route may take a bit of trial and error to finally produce something that looks the way you want it to look.

  • Website Builders are Easy-to-use

Another benefit of going with the builder route is that you don’t need to be a coding master or have any web design background. Thanks to the intuitiveness housed within website building tools, user-friendly interface, and pre-designed templates that suit almost any type of online business, website creation has become a lot more fun.

However, the downside of this simplicity is that your website will appear to be very similar to other sites on the network. While you can modify certain elements, such as test type, placement, logo, images, and colors, you will be mostly restricted in what you can alter yourself.

  • Robust Tech Support

Website builders are platforms that are specially designed to make website creating matters as easy as possible. If you face any issue during the process, Website builders will have their technical staff ready to help you get out of any complication. Should there be any problems in your case, you will be able to contact them through phone, email, or live chat.

Why Should You Hire a Professional Web Designer?

Any business looking to compete with the modern realm set on the worldwide network should possess a mighty website that’s equally as impactful as the business itself. One weakness in the website and your e-business won’t last a day in the competition.

Working in collaboration with an expert web designing individual will ensure your site is free from vulnerabilities that can get it down. Here is what gives this method an edge over utilizing website builders:

  • Help Create a Consistent Brand Identity

Employing an expert to do the website-making task for you does not come cheap. But, if you think it’s manageable, hiring a professional web designer is by far the best way to create a consistent brand identity.

This is because a professional web designer will help you maintain the uniqueness of your business through each element that is on the site. On the contrary, Website Builders offer you designs, layouts, and sometimes even content available to other businesses. A professional designer will build a completely distinctive website.

  • Make You Stand Out From the Competition

Owning a site that’s completely unique to you and your brand also means that your business will compete well and not be left in the dust. A website that has everything that some other business doesn’t share will help you stand out.

  • Give Attention to Small Details

With the help of an expert web designer, you can induce anything to your website, no matter how easy or how tough it is to integrate. Whether it’s a unique arrangement of elements on each webpage, custom-made icons, or a specific hand-drawn font, a web designer can implement all sorts of fine details to give you a superb product.

However, be mindful that instructing a designer to build your website doesn’t mean that you will get online overnight. The making of an excellent product always takes time!

Final Word: Decide According To Your Needs

Different needs should be dealt with with different methods of making your own website. For instance, if your business is new in town and you are in search of a not-to-complex starter, employing a professional web designer might be a little too heavy for your budget.

You can look for a creative and flashy builder instead. Just be sure to subscribe with the available templates that align with the style your business wants. Suppose you are a veteran of the website management realm and are looking to get a next-level online presence. In that case, collaboration with an expert designer or agency is probably the best choice.

No matter what choice you settle on, don’t forget to consider the benefits and drawbacks of both the options to find the best-fit solution for your convenience and the well-being of your project.