10 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best CMS Platform

With the advent of WordPress almost 13 years back, in the contemporary era, it has now turned into the most favored CMS (Content Management System), across the world. Presently, it is getting utilized by 74 million sites, businesses, organization, etc. as it allows them to post a new piece of content in any span of time.

WordPress caters one of the best solutions to the development of a website and that of the content management system (CMS). It keeps on developing in utilization consistently and with each new theme or plug-in that is made, the force of WordPress extends significantly every time you use it.

An effective CMS or blogging network, WordPress is flexible and can deal with more than you might think. If you are still confused about whether you should take the assistance of WordPress for developing your site or to entirely change or replace your current CMS, read on.

What’s the uttermost important part to develop a top gauge website? It’s, of course, the UX (User Experience). It is likewise something which not all users recognize. UX is irrefutable as crucial as the creative parts of a site, with a design point of view.

A designer, iOS or Android app developers might think of the most attractive online platform or application, however in the event that users can’t without much of a stretch figure out how to use it, they are expected to forsake it. This is the motivation behind why, as a web developer, you have to polish your knowledge in guaranteeing an awesome UX for your sites.

Regardless of the length of your blog, you can publish any size of a blog on WordPress. This generally utilized CMS has turned into a most loved platform among organizations as a result of how intense of a device it is. But why WordPress has become the favorite CMS platform for its users? Look at the 10 reasons, as your answers, that follows, why you should adopt WordPress as a content management system.

1. All for Free

Regardless of the fact that you are working on an online shop or just simply blogging, WordPress is completely free for you. Suppose if your site or blog turns out to be to a great degree prominent, even then you are not required to stress over any concealed charges. Your WordPress site will stay free at whatever point you utilize it.

2. Easy-to-Use

WordPress is extremely easy to understand and intended to permit any newcomer to rapidly get their site up and running. Therefore, it gives you ease to try and switch to WordPress from your current CMS. Rather than paying another person to develop a site, organizations can plan their own particular site. The basic interface and options of customization are moderately straightforward, as in easy-to-use.

3. Multi-Functionality

Thanks to WordPress, it can offer assistance in posting content easily and without any hassle. It empowers the site proprietor to set up users for them to post on the site. Besides, benefits for the WordPress users as for them posting content is accessible. Hence, it makes it users competent enough to function in multiple facets.

4. Versatile Customization

WordPress provides n numbers of customization options. There are a large number of diversified topics of themes and plug-in to browse. Any element that you could probably think has most likely been secured by the numerous WordPress plug-ins made by liberal designers. Include form for filling contact, install media, enhance SEO and give other supportive components – all through the assistance of WordPress plug-in.

5. Easy Blogging

WordPress has truly come into the lights for blogging and is considered, by the majority of people to be a network to publish blogs. Indeed, WordPress itself, associate itself primarily as a blogging site. Besides the astonishing advances in CMS, the functionality of a content is still the best in the business.

With classifications, labels, tagged comments, gravatar, simple theming, gadgets, phenomenal balance controls, solutions for anti-spam management, and plug-in framework, WordPress ensures that you can’t get a better blogging platform than it. Adding a website to WordPress is an awesome approach to drawing attentions of visitors, and to focus on Google attentions.

6. Accessible on Mobile

In recent times, everything is going mobile, so does the WordPress. It is a mobile-friendly platform which allows to increase the mobility of your website. With WordPress, you don’t need to be worried over your visibility or mobility. It is responsive to every kind of mobile devices.

7. Incredible Accessibility

With a basic technology and simple usability, it is easily accessible. It can be easily get installed on Windows or Linux servers. All it requires is just a free license server software. The site pages render in HTML and CSS permitting them to appear on iOS devices, Android, BlackBerrys, and so on. It’s likewise simple for parallel browsers too.

8. SEO is Easy With WordPress

WordPress permits users to generate categories and tags  for their posts, which produces more site pages that can be cataloged by search engines. WordPress additionally utilizes clean coding that makes it simpler for search engines to comprehend your posts more easily. With the assistance of a valuable WordPress plug-ins, you can discover considerably more benefits on SEO.

9. Power-booster for Websites

With WordPress, you can give a power booster to your site. You can without much of a stretch, get it upgraded for new elements and security. If you wish you can pattern your site with new themes without re-designing your site. You can include new plug-ins for upgraded usefulness (if your business is developing you can add e-commerce to it, a store finder to concentrate more on searches, etc.).

10. It Covers Large Community

Of the considerable number of CMS’s out there, WordPress has the biggest gathering of designers, user, bloggers and other contributors. What’s more is required when you are a part of such a huge group. Whenever you’re running into an issue, there may be a chance that another person has had the same issue before you, and there’s presumable, the supportive forum would come with the best solution and definitely required inquiry in it.

The opportunity permitted with WordPress makes it ideal for anybody searching for another blogging platform for CMS. Get started with WordPress today itself.

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