25+ Ideas for WordPress Blog Posts that Are Proven to Work

Have you ever felt clueless about what to post? Have you ever found yourself struggling to find new ideas to write about?

If you have, do not worry at all! It’s a very usual thing for any blogger. Usually, after writing continuously for a period of time, starting from the point a person first stepped into the industry of blogging, he or she may find it unable to come up with new topics for their blog. “But why do experienced bloggers rarely encounter this lack of inspiration?”, May you ask? The truth is, they do, quite often.

The only difference between those experienced bloggers and those who has never gone through such difficulty before is what called “inspiration sources”. Then where to find these sources?


Here you are, at one of those so-called “sources.” As someone who runs a WordPress website and takes charge of its content, I myself also have had a hard time finding refreshing ideas for my blog posts. I thought my inspiration has gone, but later on, I found out that it had never really gone. I just needed to pull it back on.

However, it was not so easy task to pull the trigger of my inspiration sources. Therefore, I’m writing this thread to give you a hand in stimulating your imaginative brains!

Now, prepare yourself to be overwhelmed with blog post ideas!

A Tutorial Post

This type of blog post is rather popular, you can see it anywhere on the Internet, not just on WordPress blogs. Its popularity has proved one thing: it has strong appealing power which cannot be disregarded. Many people come to WordPress with just a little knowledge or nothing whatsoever at all. That’s why they’re thirsty for blog posts that instruct and show them how to get things done with WordPress.

Now, sit back and think to yourself: What am I good at that I can teach people? What do I (and other people, probably) want to learn? Once you’ve got the answer, it’s time you turned it into a thread, a video or infographic and post it on your WordPress blog!

For example: “A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Set up Your WordPress Website

A Review Post

If you’re already familiar with making judgments on newly released WordPress themes, plugins, related products, etc., then writing a review for them will suit you well. All you need for a review post is to gather your experience and thoughts you’ve had with a WordPress theme, plugin, etc. and write about it.

Try to make it as close to reality as possible. If you succeed in getting the trust of people, they will likely come to your blog for future WordPress-related reviews!

For example: “Monstroid Review – A WordPress Theme on Steroids

A Quiz

Sometimes you could try changing the atmosphere by organizing a quiz on your WordPress blog. How about this? Before releasing a whole new series, you can stir the air and curiosity of your customers by making a quiz. Or, after a new post, you can entertain your customers by giving them a quick quiz on how they understood your post.

An Interview Post

Interviews can attract a large audience, especially when your interview is someone who others are eager to listen to and learn from. Try to ask questions that can bring about the most informative and inspirational answers, then organize your post into a Q&A format. Your visitors would love it!

In case you run a successful blog, then why don’t you interview yourself? I believe people would be interested in the secrets to your achievements!

A Theme Collection

This is another popular topic and it’s very easy to write. When I first started, I usually write about this topic, featuring WordPress themes that were in vogue or notable newly released themes at that moment. If you’re working for a company that designs and sells themes, this type of blog posts is advantageous to your company because you can promote the company’s products through its relevant theme collections.

For example:“15+ Beautiful Love & Dating WordPress Themes

A Vlog

Sometimes you could stir up the air by making a Vlog of yourself. Many people like videos rather than plain words, so why don’t you try offering your visitors something totally fun and different?

Here are some vlog tools you can take a look at: Graphicriver, Pamela for Skype and Vimeo.

A Survey

You could try to embed a survey into your post to get feedback from readers as well as to find out how their tastes have changed since the last post. By that way will you be able to get new ideas for the upcoming posts.

If you’re planning to make one, try Woofu.

A Case Study

Just so you know, case studies can be used to give out data and information, in forms of statistics, results, etc., in an unexpectedly interesting way. Let’s say, if you blog about how to economize, you could experiment with cutting down on the amount of electricity for a month and examining the costs with the previous month’s bill.

A Giveaway Post

This is a great measure to attract visitors and increase traffic to your website. All you need to do is to download fun and useful freebies from reliable sources, such as Free Typography, and then upload them onto your WordPress website and invite people to come by for free downloading. When looking at your freebies, they will pay attention to other contents too.

For example: “20 Vintage Typography Fonts and Flourishes for Free Download”

A Competition

Another way to stimulate the traffic is to hold small and easy competitions. For example, if your website is to sell self-designed themes, the prizes could be a free premium theme, or several-moth support, etc. There are many competition-making tools that can help you easily find out the winner, such as the WordPress plugin Pick Giveaway Winner, or Rafflecopter.

An FAQ page

I believe many popular WordPress blogs have loyal readers who frequently come up with questions and post it in the comment section. Then why don’t you write an FAQ (frequently asked questions) post as answers to them?

Once it is completed, there should be a link to it from your sidebar so readers can quickly and easily see it.

A Pros-and-Cons Post

Choose a topic that could attract a lot of customers to your post, something people really care about. Do some research on it and write about its features, which will be presented in your post as a pros and cons post.

You could then generate discussions by asking your readers to pick a side.

For example: “What is a WordPress Framework? Pros & Cons

A Guest Post

Why should you have guest posts on your site? First, it saves you time. Second, it expands your network. Third, your website will be benefited with the traffic it brings. What is more, and your audience surely will enjoy a distinct style of writing.

You can do this by exchanging guest posts with other blogs or simply have a banner on your website that reads “To submit a guest post, click here” in order to attract attention.

A Myth Post

Do you want to be a MythBuster besides being a blogger? It’s rather interesting, as long as you can solve popular myths, which are well-known things that actually are not true. To do that, you will have to spend some time on researching and prove them wrong.

Chances are that your readers love it, and you can become famous being a MythBuster.

For example: “Myth Busted: WordPress is not only for blogging!”


Ideas for WordPress Blog Posts that Are Proven to Work

Everyone loves to be entertained. Sometimes you should stir up the atmosphere by writing about jokes. It would be fantastic if it related to your niche!

A Post of Your Own Experience

Now let’s sit down contemplating your whole career and life, then convert into an inspiring post. What can be better than helping people to avoid the mistakes you have made and revising your lessons at the same time?

For example: “What You Should Do Before 30”

A Post of Your Popular Posts

This is not only a post idea, you could actually promote your popular posts by means of another post, in which you write about the important data behind the popular posts (for example, the traffic, shares and comments it has got so far).

For example: “A Quick Look on My Most Successful Blogs So Far!”

Food Recipes

If food is your passion, let me tell you that most young people share the same passion with you! Then why don’t you provide them with the recipes for your favorite dishes or desserts? They would totally enjoy it!

For example: “My Own Recipes for a Yummy Dessert”

A Portfolio

There can’t be a better way to showcase experience. Once you are able to have a portfolio of projects you’ve finished, the themes you’ve designed, the apps you’ve coded, well, your customers will truly be impressed!

Turn 404 Page into a Game

Ideas for WordPress Blog Posts that Are Proven to Work

There won’t be a better and easier way to keep readers staying on your broken page! Still don’t believe me? Take a look at its tutorial and decide for yourself!

A List of Interesting Figures to Follow

This is another idea I consider to be on top of the what-you-should-post list. Based on your knowledge and experience, make a list the admirable people who offer great insights into the niche and lessons for inexperienced and amateurs. Your post would rock!

An About Me Post

I know you may already have your classical About Me with a couple of lines. However, your readers may want to know more about the writer who provides them with fantastic information every day, but don’t have time to check your social accounts.

In this case, a detailed About Me post could be ideal.

A Post With GIFs

GIFs are undeniably one of the best forms of entertainment. When you have nothing to post about, just come up with a simple idea and post relevant GIFs. Besides the available funny GIFs, there are many generators that can produce new ones, such as GifGrabber.

For example: “Funny GIFs: The Circle of Emotions When Writing a Blog”

A Short Story

Your website is mainly about consulting WordPress users with their websites and you have no experience in writing stories? Worry not! You can begin by writing about anything that captures your attention! Your customers surely love to see another side of you!

For example, if you’re a WordPress consultant, it could be like “An Inspiring Story I Got From My Customer”.

Your Diary

Your blog is not about business only, it could be used as a place to release your emotions after long working hours. Writing diary means that you trust your customers and want them to get to know more about you. This will touch hearts!