Five Simple Steps that can Turn Any Design Into A Working QR Code

Quick Response Codes or QR codes are two dimensional codes that come in black and white and were first introduced in the automotive industry for recognizing vehicles. Vital information about a particular product can be stored inside the QR code which can be accessed easily with the help of a QR code scanner. With the help of this code any person can access vital details about a particular product at any given point of time. It is by far the best online marketing tool that can be used by any potential clients irrespective of his or her geographical location.

So if you have not yet created the QR code of the products of your company, then here is the shortest and the most comprehensive steps to develop it.

Finding an ideal code generator 

On the internet you are going to come across many platforms that promise to generate a QR code for the products of your brand. You can utilize any of these to generate a Quick response code. However, choosing the right platform among the many options is also an important task. Certain yardsticks that are going to help you in making a difference between the good and the best one are:

  • Compatibility with the different QR readers.
  • Whether the code that will be generated using it is exclusive to your brand or not.
  • The ability of the users to track the performance of the specific code generator.

Keep these points in mind while choosing an QR code generator with logo as it is going to help you in designing an exclusive QR code.

What’s your goal?

One important thing that you need to consider while developing the QR code is the purpose of designing it i.e. how are you going to use it for the proliferation of your business. A QR code on the business card of your company might transcend the users to the website of your company from where they can access different information as well as the services provided by it. Thus it will be helpful in generating targeted leads for your company. Or else the QR Code of a particular brand might also transfer the users to the different location of the stores. Access to such vital information can be really useful for the promotion of a particular brand.

Customizing the code

The developers of the code also have the option of stylizing the QR code of their brand in different ways by giving the code generating platform some basic instruction. The QR code can be stylized in accordance with the design of the logo of a particular brand or the mascot used by the company. It can be also designed according to the website design of the company. Or any design of your own preference can be easily transformed into a QR code with the help of the code generator platform.


After the completion of the designing procedure, do not forget to check whether the QR code can be read properly or not. Firstly try to read the code with Google Goggles, the free QR readers that clicks a picture of the code and redirect the readers to the page it connected to. Or you can also try QR Code Reader application that can be easily downloaded in any Android phone and will automatically link you to the desired page.

Tracking device

The QR code of the different products can be easily tracked to see the traffic the specific code generates. Moreover, it also helps in tracking the conversion rate from a particular code of a brand or whether they are using it at all. These track records will help you in rectifying the code that will be helpful for getting targeted traffic.

These are the five simple steps discussed by Visualead for converting a simple design into a viral QR code that can impact the sales figure of your company. If you have not yet used this vital technology till now, use it right away to engage potential clients with your brand name and increase the sales figure of the company.