Tips and Tricks to add WordPress posts without Plugins


WordPress is dominating in blogs with its nice features and search engines are the close friends for WordPress sites because the site is optimized according to SEO with its plugins. But at the same time, there are discrepancies as well because of the compatibility issue and blog display will get slowed down. Unnecessarily the decent rich content blog become powerless because of plugins. Let us see how a WordPress post can be prepared without plugin.

Advantages of plugins

WordPress directory has many useful freely down-loadable plugins like SEO smartlinks, Redirection, SEO rank reporter etc., Plugins are required for faster search engine results. But having plugins alone one cannot say that the blog site is rich enough to get listed out in search engine results. Ultimately quality matters there i.e. content should be rich.

Avoid plugins – Still Success is possible

Depending on a third party developer to function a blog is always annoying as lot. Compatibility is the next issue. Developers often abandon the plugins and do not leave the notice. Hence site owners will be in problem and it will be marked as vulnerable sites. Speed will be less whenever the plugins from WordPress directory are used. Instead one can follow the guaranteed ways of posting the blog without plugin.

Related posts with thumbnails

This “related posts” feature is an outstanding feature of any blog because that makes visitors to be always watching the contents of the same blog. With plugin,that can be made easy. But to avoid the slow down of the sites, one need o keep in WordPress loop, Post tags are used for individual articles.


WordPress has a nice feature called thumbnail system and the required piece of code need to be added to theme folder. The code is customizable that the height and width can be set up. Use a featured image option helps for the image to set up thumbnails. Required piece of code is easily plugged to any php file and once it is stored in theme folder, automatically related post-thumbnails will be displayed. For CSS setting, .relatedposts and .relatedthumb are required and they are also customizable.

Other features

SEO smart link feature can be brought in the content by specifying the url location in anchor tag with nice height and width features and similarly in all the new links that get opened, a back link needs to be provided. Keyword density analyzer helps to have specific set of keyword should be available in a blog and site. SEO rank reporter plugin features also brought out in the blogs by using keyword density analyzer.


There are multiple sites available today that produces top ranking in search results but still they have not used any plugins for it. WordPress is out of the box and hence if a user who want to create a blog without plugin can easily prepare the site. Always one should not stick to the point that with WordPress plugin alone only one can does wonder. There are multiple ways available and they are easily portable to any set of php code or any open source so that one can create an amazing blog post like wonder without plugin.