Freelancer Success Tips

Whether you are an experienced freelancer or someone that is looking to enter into the game and get their feet wet, this article will give some freelancer success tips and things you need to know to make it. Each tip is simple and fairly obvious but some are still overlooked which leaves plenty of room for this article to fit in.

Freelance work is challenging, between getting new clients and managing clients that are difficult to deal with, those dreaded clients from hell. There are ways to assist you in coming out as another success story, ways that so many freelancers seem to be missing in my area alone. I just recently started freelancing professionally, I’ve been dabbling around with various freelance work for a few years but just recently hit that level that allows me to do it fulltime. There are things that I have learned along the way and I will give five. freelancer success tips in this article.

Negotiate Deals

Along with my experience with freelance work, I have a bachelors degree in business administration. The biggest thing that was pushed during my higher learning in business is that very few people ever give their honest price. Most people will always start low expecting you to raise it with some type of counter offer.

Don’t ignore this tactic, always counter and come back with a price that may not only be a bit more reasonable for you but also put more money in your pocket which also keeps the lights on.

Minimal Friendly Deals

I’m all for charity work and deals that may not offer you a huge financial advantage, but you need to be sure to always have some type of contract or project agreement in place. I did a project for a church in my early years and didn’t want to bring a contract into a church for moral reasons of what a contract can do and that’s back up a lawsuit.

Who wants to be involved with a lawsuit? Especially a lawsuit with a church, I figured I was dealing with a church and everyone would remain honest. I was wrong, the project had numerous changes and it took a month to finally collect final payment.

Set Reasonable Goals

Goals make someone work harder because of having something to work for. Setting goals when you wake up in the morning for what you want to accomplish by the end of the day, set goals for what you would like to see this upcoming week, and set goals that are long term as well. I have found that setting goals that seemed unreasonable made me work harder and be more productive which is always a good thing.

Don’t Bash Headache Clients

It is so easy these days to go online and start writing about how much you hate someone, it is just as easy for a potential client to go online and track you down for a reference or background check. Remember, everything you write online is in ink, not pencil and your Facebook or Twitter account is not the best place to vent your frustration about those clients.

Be Confident

Be confident when talking about your service or product, clients want to know that you would use your own product or service that is being offered. Don’t feed them lies and baloney, but be confident that you and what you have to offer is what they need. Follow up with clients, be respectful, and be your biggest fan and this tip alone will offer up positive results.

These are five simple tips, nothing too in-depth but things that are still overlooked and I see many that don’t take these freelancer success tips serious enough, good luck with your internet endeavors!