Magento-WordPress Integration – Is It Beneficial For Your Online Business?

Nowadays, a wide range of e-commerce stores have started blogging as an attempt to diversify their market outreach. There’s no doubt that an effective blogging strategy can bring in multiple benefits for an e-commerce website.

A flawless business blog can allow you to connect with your prospective customers while holding your reputation on the topmost search engine results pages. If you own a Magento powered e-store, it’s beneficial to enrich it with WordPress features.

The sole reason behind this is that Magento still lacks appropriate blogging features that are required for growing the e-store’s reputation over the World Wide Web. The result-driven blogging capabilities of WordPress make it one of the most preferred CMSs(Content Management Systems) among e-store owners who’re looking ahead to incorporate a blogging section into their e-store or want to enhance the performance of their e-store’s existing blogging area.

This blog helps you discover as to whether choosing Magento-WordPress integration is beneficial for your e-store or you simply tend to lose your time and efforts by performing such integration.

Magento-WordPress Integration - Is it beneficial for your online business?

Magento-WordPress Integration renders dual flexibility and features

Fusing WordPress installation with Magento powered e-commerce site is being practiced by webmasters and developers who want to extend the existing functionality of their e-commerce portal. While Magento as a powerful front-end offers you unlimited growth opportunities, WordPress lets you explore the possibilities available with blogging.

Magento-WordPress Integration opens doors to limitless scalability

One of the most bothering things about Magento e-stores is the limitation in creativity. This is something that’s being handled well once WordPress is installed into the Magento e-store. Unlike Magento, WordPress comes with a wide range of plugins and extensions that can be used for extending the functionality and enhancing the visual features of the e-commerce website. In addition to this, the incredible count of themes available with WordPress makes room for attainment of innovative look and feel for the e-store as per the specific preferences of visitors.

Magento-WordPress Integration ensures addition of responsive features

Since Magento WordPress integration allows webmasters to import Magento blocks into a WordPress theme, it makes it simple for them to add Magento products to WordPress posts and pages. The best part of merging WordPress with Magento is that you get a fully-responsive e-store that loads perfectly on a variety of internet-enabled hand-held devices such as smartphones, tablets etc. The responsive product slider equipped into the e-store after Magento-WordPress integration displays all the products from a chosen category. These products can further be embedded into the WP posts and pages.

Magento-WordPress Integration helps in enhancing relationships with customers

Incorporating WordPress powered blog into your Magento e-store helps you in establishing strong professional relationships with your customers. By letting people read blogs/articles on your business products/services, you can make them familiar with your key offerings. And that’s not all, you can even ask your customers to drop their reviews/feedback on products/services they’ve purchased from you. Doing this would allow you to gather the attention of customers who want to deal with a company only after getting thoroughly satisfied with the quality of products/services offered by the same. A well-integrated blogging section ensures utmost access to all the information about your business offerings.

Magento-WordPress Integration - Is it beneficial for your online business?

Magento-WordPress Integration boosts your e-store’s search engine ranking

When you have different varieties of articles/blogs published on your WordPress blog, there are enhanced chances for getting ranked at a higher position in Google and other popular search engines. In other words, when someone searches for reviews of a particular product, he/she is navigated to an article that’s published on your e-store’s blog section. All this plays a vital role in increasing the e-store’s traffic, thereby bringing in a noticeable improvement in the conversion rates.

Magento-WordPress integration allows free announcement of new products and services

No matter which type of business you run, an integrated blog serves as an excellent platform for announcing new products and services. All you need to do is simply publish an article on your upcoming product/service and the target users will come to know about the same via your e-store’s blogging section. The best part of an integrated blog is that you can use it for announcing news/updates regarding your business, round-the-clock.


So, with all those benefits associated with Magento-WordPress integration, it’s easy to say that choosing the same for your e-commerce website is definitely something you’ll never regret doing. By bringing e-commerce and blogging capabilities together, you can enjoy long-lasting results for your e-store, in terms of traffic as well as conversions.

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