Need A WordPress Classifieds Plugin? Try Adverts

So you have decided that you want to publish ads on your website and generate money? Good choice.

There are indeed hundreds of ways how blogs make money, but ads continue to be one of the most popular of them.

Now ads come in many different varieties.

Some are ads which pay on an impression basis. For example, they will pay $1 if the ad is seen by 1,000 people.

Some are click through ads. For example an ad which will pay you $1.5 whenever someone clicks on it.

And some are ads which will pay you on a per month basis, irrespective of clicks or impressions. Out of the three, this third one is the best one, in my opinion. So if you want to publish these ads on your WordPress website, we have a tool that will make your life easier.

It is Adverts—a lightweight, developer friendly classifieds plugin for WordPress. Building any kind of WordPress classifieds or business directory website has never been easier.

Need A WordPress Classifieds Plugin? Try Adverts

The plugin is easily extendible with bundled modules. To do that just go to WP­Admin/Classifieds/Options panel, select modules you want to use, and create a unique site for yourself.

Some of the important features of the plugin are mentioned and described below.

Important plugin features

One click installation: Adverts can be installed and run with just a single click. All you have to do is to upload and activate Adverts from WP­admin/plugins panel and you can start using it immediately.

Works with any WordPress theme: Adverts is designed to work and blend with every properly coded WordPress theme. Modern page templates will make your site look professional and beautiful at the same time.

Compatible with SEO plugins: Adverts is not just compatible with other themes but also with all the major SEO plugins.

Auto expiring ads: Adverts allows you to set the expiration date on the ads you run. Thus, you will not have to disable the ads manually. They will be deleted automatically on the expiration of the term.

Great support: Gotten stuck somewhere? Just send a message to their support staff and you will get a useful and friendly answer in less than 24 hours.

So much for the features of the plugin.

Now let me tell you what kinds of websites you can actually create with Adverts.

You can basically create four types of websites using this plugin. They are:

  • A website, where the visitors of your site have the permission to post ads which they can publish for free.
  • A website where the visitors of your site will only be able to publish ads after paying you a fee. You can charge them by PayPal or wire transfer for posting of ads.
  • A website where you use a combination of the above.
  • A website where only you—the owner of the site can publish ads. You can take this route when, for example, you already have a popular website and want to sell some of your own products.

A free trial version is available on the website. You can try it out to test its functionality.

Go and take a look and then let me know what you think in the comments below.