Ptengine Heatmap WordPress Plugin Review & Giveaway

Ptengine is a user-friendly award winning heatmap and analytics platform with a friendly interface, real-time data, and responsive website support.

This is a great tool and plugin for enabling businesses to analyze visitor behavior across all devices in real time. With Ptengine you can easily boost your conversions by knowing how visitors are engaging.

Ptengine WordPress plugin is free to use as long as you want and you set it up in just 1 minute.

Ptengine allows website owners to track and understand how users interact with their website using innovative Heatmap tracking, allowing you to see your business the way that visitors see it.  Better understanding visitor behaviors allows you to take control of your website content, allowing you to make improvements for a better viewing experience for your potential customers. Ptengine makes previously unavailable data tangible.

The benefits of this tool are almost limitless for both eCommerce and offline businesses.

Over 10,000 companies improve their business using Ptengine

Let’s have a look at some of the features included in Ptengine

Heatmaps and Visualization Tools

Heatmaps track what captures your visitors attention. See exactly where your visitors click and how much time they spend on each section of your site. The Click Heatmap tracks clicks on any elements of your site, and the attention Heatmap analyzes visitor screen time.

You can use these tools to determine if your layout, content, and advertisement placement are effective. On both of the Heatmaps, you can view the overlying Scroll Reach Map which indicates what percentage of visitors are scrolling to particular areas of their website.

Multi Device Reporting

Ptengine creates reports that can be tracked by different device types, allowing you to see how well your website is performing and holding visitor attention for PC, Smartphone and tablet users. This allows you to better optimize your website with your target viewers in mind.

Conversion Funnel

Ptengine Heatmap WordPress Plugin Conversion Funnel

One of the most helpful pieces of data for most businesses is how views and impressions convert to sales and results for your business. This helps business owners gauge the health of their business and make improvements to further engage future customers.

Real-Time Visitor Overview and Campaigns

Ptengine allows you to track where page views are originating, and includes back links, search terms, and more so that you can see where each unique site view is originating. Gauge the effectiveness of promotional campaigns to see what is bringing you and your potential customers together. You can even see a world map of where visitors are located, letting you better understand your customer base and cater your site to them accordingly.

Custom Goals and Event Tracking

Ptengine Heatmap WordPress Plugin

Users can create customized goals for their website that will be tracked by Ptengine. If you’re looking for a simple way to track how many people watch a video, click on a link to visit another area of your site, or perform another specific task, you can get real-time data about that goal without having to sort through everything else. There is no need to add any additional code to your website to take advantage of this.


It’s Free

The WordPress plugin itself is free, and there are free account options available—no trial period limitations. If you’re interested in trying Ptengine before making a commitment, they offer a free plan that tracks one domain for up to 20,000 page views per month and provides one Heatmap. Should you need to track a larger number of page views or domains, these are the prices for the other plans:

  • Startup – $39 per month.

Up to 50,000 page views per month, 20 domains tracked, 20 Heatmaps

  • Growth – $79 per month

125,000 page views per month, 50 domains tracked, 50 Heatmaps

  • Premium -$159 per month

500,000 page views per month, 100 domains tracked, 100 Heatmaps

  • Enterprise – $319 per month

1,250,000 page views per month, unlimited domains tracked, unlimited Heatmaps

Ptengine Allows You to Spend Your Time Wisely

Ptengine takes page view trackers to a whole new level, combining analytics with unique visualizations that allow you to see what content, products, and design elements aren’t working. This allows you to remove or tweak content that isn’t interesting, change design elements that are cumbersome or detract from your website, and refocus your energy to promote parts of your site, products, and content that are already successful.

Easy to Use Analytics Dashboard

Easy to Use Analytics Dashboard

Ptengine’s dashboard allows you to view and analyze all of the data collected in a simple to understand, user-friendly layout. Set goals and customize data collection to your specific needs with ease, and check on your website’s performance over different time periods. What you do with the data you find on the sleek Ptengine interface is up to you, but most experts would agree that knowledge is a powerful tool.


There are numerous heatmap and web analytics WordPress plugins, both free and premium to choose from with varying results. Ptengine is one of the leading heatmap and web analytics platforms you can use for free. It’s really impressive with all the useful and truly amazing features that are included in the plugin.

It’s easy to get started with Ptengine and it doesn’t take many minutes to install the plugin and start tracking your website. The heat mapping technology and traffic metrics from Ptengine show you exactly where every visitor is clicking. Which makes it very useful for you to analyze and gain insight of the exact number of clicks on your buttons, images, videos.

Many of the world’s largest companies use and trust Ptengine so you can rest assure.  You use one of the best heatmap and web analytics tools available.


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Ptengine Heatmap WordPress Plugin

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