WordPress Android 3.6 is Now Available in the Google Play Store

If you use WordPress as millions of other people around the world you know for sure that there are many different ways to publish articles and posts nowadays. Many users want to gain access their website quickly, easily and on the fly, just like social media. Not only have access via their computer.

If you have a mobile device using the Android OS, you can download WordPress for Android app from Google Play (the app is open source) to get access to your WP site via your phone or tablet.

You can write, edit and publish posts on your site. It is easy to create and read the contents and check out your stats. WordPress for Android supports WordPress installations on WordPress.com, and most web hosting since version 3.7 or higher is used.

Some of the news in WordPress Android 3.6 are Statistics Screen Redesign. The redesigned statistics screen is designed look like the mobile web version. All your statistics are on the same page. You can switch between days, weeks, months or years with the drop down menu.

WordPress Android 3.6 is Now Available in the Google Play Store

More news and features included in the version 3.6 are:

  • A new feature to automatically save and restore comments.
  • Writing a comment on the go and don’t have time to finish? No problem: Just close the app, reopen it, and your draft comment will be restored!
  • Minor changes in spacing and margins to follow the material design principles more closely.

For those of you who want to test beta versions have access directly through Google Play. But remember that the beta versions have new features, new fixes, and possibly new bugs that can cause some problems. If you want to join them, request access on the Google+ Community.

Contributors who worked on this release are the following people @daniloercoli, @maxme, @nbradbury, @roundhill, and @sendhil.

If you want to follow the development progress for the next version can do so by visit the 3.7 milestone on GitHub.

Have you downloaded version 3.6 from Google Play yet? What do you think?

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