Best WordPress Plugins to Schedule Auto Posts for Social Media

With plenty of social platforms, it is a time-consuming activity for both businesses and individual marketers to push content manually on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., especially when you publish content regularly.

Also, being a pro-marketer you should pay heed to the time when your targeted users are most active. Pushing the content at the right time to rise above the noise, and knowing the peak time of the target audience or patrons to get more engagement with your post will keep you one step ahead of the competitors, but this is not easygoing to retrieve posts and share them over and over again on multiple platforms.

This is why you have to keep abreast of tools and plugins that can auto-post or schedule your articles on social media regularly at a particular time while you are away or working on another project.

This article will highlight some popular tools you could use on a WordPress website to schedule posts of your blog or website on social media.

What are Social Media Scheduling tools?

Social media scheduling tools are an efficient way to publish your posts across various social platforms at once click when you are away from your computer and your target customers are online.

With the right tool to distribute content on popular channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., you can save a lot of time, so you have more time to develop constructive marketing strategies. In this article, we have compiled some amazing plugins for the automation of old and new WordPress posts and will guide you on how to use them on your website.

How to Schedule Posts on Social Platforms with Plugins?

WordPress has a lot of free and premium plugins which allow you to post across various networks at once. Manually pushing content on popular platforms can be both time-consuming and exhausting.

Setting up auto-posting on WordPress is as easy as pie. By installing plugins, you can publish posts on your website and share that straightforward to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular networks simultaneously.

These plugins will work for you by digging into the fresh content published on your Website and automatically share, even multiple posts, to different platforms with ease. Also, you can schedule your old posts too.

  • Step 1: Download the Plugin according to your needs.
  • Step 2: Go to the admin panel and click on “Plugin”
  • Step 3: Enter the plugin name into the search bar or download it from the website and upload it on WordPress
  • Step 4: Install the plugin and activate it

Once it is successfully installed, it will appear on the side menu to use for automation and scheduling of posts. Take a look at basic settings and connect social networks in order to start auto-posting.

Top Social Media Scheduling Tools to Save Time

  1. Social Auto Poster – WordPress Plugin
  2. Blog2Social
  3. FS Poster
  4. Revive Old Posts
  5. Nelio Content
  6. Social Media Auto Poster

Let’s discuss them in details:

1. Social Auto Poster – WordPress Plugin


  • Scheduling the intervals between publication
  • Quickly repost existing posts
  • Google Analytics Campaign Tracking
  • Exclude posting days, taxonomy, and specific posts
  • Bulk scheduling
  • URL Shorteners as well as Unique URL
  • Category and tag wise posting
  • Customize Message Format and more
  • Multilingual Support

With the help of Social Auto Poster you can post on well renowned social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, WordPress, Telegram, Reddit, Medium, YouTube, Pinterest and Google my business with just one click.

Social Auto Poster generally offers all the benefits you need for posting on social media at lesser costs compared to other plugins. Active support is the finest feature of this product. Support of this plugin is hyperresponsive and according to your time zone. This increases the tool’s performance and efficiency. It works well with personal profiles, company pages, groups, etc.

It gives full flexibility to customize all details to suit your unique marketing requirements. KPIs like traffic may be readily tracked through Google Analytics. If you are looking for great features at lower cost, the Social Auto Poster plugin is ideal for you.

2. Blog2Social


  • Auto-post
  • Cross-promote
  • Schedule blog posts to post to profiles, pages, and groups
  • Customizing posts

Blog2Social lets you re-schedule or auto post content on various networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google My Business, LinkedIn, VK, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Medium, Flickr, Diigo, and Bloglovin.

With plenty of incredible tools, it is a great solution to schedule your posts, repost old posts, automatically generate hashtags, and a variety of amazing options to take your social media marketing next level.

3. FS Poster


  • Works with a wide range of Social networks
  • Schedule posts
  • Auto Publish
  • Re-Publish Previously Created Posts

FS Poster is one of the popular plugins used to schedule and auto-posts that supports 14 social networks, meaning you will be able to push your content to 14 social media platforms at the same time, helping you publish posts at the right time with advanced customization features.

4. Revive Old Posts


  • Automatic sharing of old and new posts
  • Publish posts on WordPress and simultaneously publish on social media
  • Integrate Google analytics
  • Add hashtags

Revive old posts is a great tool to share old and new posts or schedule them in order to gain more traffic on the website through social platforms by sharing content on various platforms at once.

With the pro version of this plugin, you can unlock some amazing features like “time interval between automatic sharing, the number of posts to share daily, etc.”. It has plenty of cool features to offer for small blogs or websites and large web pages with thousands of posts like e-commerce pages.

5. Nelio Content


  • Editorial calendar
  • Content promotion
  • Content creation assistance
  • Scheduling feature

Nelio Content is an awesome plugin that comes up with marketing and content creation features along with post automation and scheduling. It’s more than a scheduling plugin that helps users to attain marketing goals by efficiently pushing content on social networks.

6. Social Media Auto Poster


  • Supports Auto-posting
  • Enable/disable scheduling
  • Multiple accounts support

Social Media Auto Poster is a powerful tool that allows you to post on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. You can also disable particular posts/categories/pages to get shared on social platforms.

It is compatible with popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.

Leverage the tools to reach your goals

Social platforms have different peak hours, in other words, A report by Social Sprout shows it.

It is not easy to share content regularly manually at a particular time when your target customers or audience is most active, this is where you need auto-sharing plugins and tools for your WordPress site, which will eventually help you push content without going online, helping you make a thriving presence on social platforms.

We have discussed a few popular tools made for auto posting and post scheduling for marketers running websites on WordPress. If you any suggestions further, please let us in the comment section