YT Redirection Pages – A Beautiful & Professional Link Redirection Page Plugin

For most WordPress site, it is very common for you to place links on your website pages. The links may not only point to other pages on your website, but they can also point to the pages on other websites as well. This is especially true if you promote various affiliate products on your website, where you need to link your content with the sales page of your affiliate products.

The problem with linking to external pages is that you will direct your audience to leave your website. They may not want to come back again to your website after you send them to external pages. So, how can you handle this problem? There is a smart way to do that. By using a link redirection plugin, you will be able to make your external links look more professional. At the same time, you can let your audience know that they are leaving your website by clicking on the link.

What Is YT Redirection Pages?


YT Redirection Pages is a free plugin for WordPress created by YayThemes, which is designed to make your external links look more beautiful and professional. With this plugin, it is possible for you to create a notice that can be read by your audience, informing them that they are leaving your website by clicking on the external link.

With this plugin, your audience will become aware that they are leaving your website when they decide to click on the external link. Thus, it will prompt them to at least remember your website name or bookmark your page before they click on the link. Other than that, by using this plugin, you are able to mask your external links using custom redirection links. So, instead of linking directly to the destination page, such as, you will be able to mask your link like this:

By using this masking technique, you can turn an ugly link, such as an affiliate link, into a professional-looking link. In this way, your audience will not hesitate to click on it.

The YT Redirection Plugin offers various features, including:

  • Beautiful redirection pages
  • Redirect external and internal links
  • Inline window redirection
  • Frame redirection
  • Page design selection
  • Page option
  • Note texts
  • Redirection terms

Main Features

This plugin offers various features that can make your page redirection look more professional, adding more visual beauty to your website. However, since there are too many features to cover, I will cover a few of the features that are very important about this plugin.

Three Types Of Redirection


This plugin offers three types of redirection, which are redirection pages, inline pop up, and frame. The redirection pages allow you to show a full redirection page when your audience clicks on your external link. The inline pop up allows you to show a pop up window when your audience clicks on your link. And the frame redirection allows you to show a redirection page in a frame. Each type of redirection has its own appeal, and you can use any one of them based on your preferences.

Page Design Selection


The page design selection allows you to design your custom redirection page, which will be shown when people click on your external link. With this option, you can match the visual design of your redirection page with the overall design of your website, so that they can match perfectly. In this way, your redirection page will add more visual appeal to your website.

Note Text

This plugin also allows you to show a note text where you can write about a notice regarding your redirection terms. For instance, you can write in your note that by clicking on the link provided in the redirection page, your audience understands that they will leave your website. Then, you can also add terms of agreement on your note, asking your audience to agree that they understand about this.

This note can also be used for affiliate links, where you can inform your audience that the link they are about to visit will bring them to an affiliate page, where you can earn commission when they decide to purchase any product there.

Final Thoughts

With the YT Redirection Pages plugin, you will be able to mask your external links and make them look more professional when your website visitors are clicking on it. With various customizations that you can make in your redirection pages, you will be able to add more visual appeal to your website as well. You can also insert a notice in your redirection pages, which helps your audience to understand that they are leaving your website by clicking on the external links.

This plugin is recommended for you to use if you want to keep your external links look professional, as well as to successfully promote affiliate products on your website. With this plugin, you can encourage your audience to click on your links, without losing them forever. So, it can help to increase your click rate, as well as to increase the number of your loyal website visitors.