The Best YouTube Channels That’ll Help You Learn to Work in WordPress

If you are interested in WordPress tutorials from which you can learn how to work in this software for free, you are at the right place. We have made a list of the Top 15 YouTube channels for you with the best WordPress tutorials.

Interest in digital marketing is growing, and websites have become key in running an online business. WordPress is one of the leading programs for creating websites and is perfect for those who know nothing about programming. If you want to master WordPress and everything it offers, you can sign up for one of the many courses or surf about it on the ‘almighty’ Internet.

One of the easiest ways to master any skill – in this case, to manage WordPress – is to watch tutorials. These videos explain how to do something and are similar to DIY clips. Of course, in a bunch of such tutorials, there is always a small number of those that are worthless but we believe that you will easily see through them and eliminate them as irrelevant. YouTube is full of channels that deal with this topic. That is why we have picked a few of the best ones that can help you learn to use WordPress.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the Top 15 YouTube channels with the best WordPress tutorials…

WPBeginner – WordPress Tutorials

This YouTube channel rightly claims to be the largest free resource featuring WordPress tutorials for beginners. In a sea of competition, WPBeginner is one of the ‘parent’ channels since it has existed since 2009.

It ranges from the most basic explanations of how to build a website to more complicated topics. WPBwginner’s videos are short and concise, meaning it is not necessary to be a web design expert. Yes, you got it right, they are very suitable for beginners. This channel releases an average of two videos a week and, at the time of writing, has 238k subscribers.

Tyler Moore

“All tutorials are step-by-step with no step skipped,” Tyler wrote on his channel. This channel of an American web developer is a repository of a large number of exactly such, step-by-step, manuals.

He processes the topics, goes in-depth, and is dedicated to it, is best shown in one video on the channel that lasts three hours and talks about how to make a WordPress site from scratch. WordPress for Non-Techies

WPCrafter is a popular channel run by educator Adam Preiser. His channel, unlike most other channels, offers a lot of variety, from WordPress updates to ‘how-to’ videos.

If you are not really versed in technology, Adam’s channel (as its name says) is one of the best where you can learn how to use WordPress. His tutorials related to this platform are detailed and very easy to understand, so maybe you should consider joining his 213k followers.


The description of their channel claims to have phenomenal content. And they didn’t lie. They focus is on website templates, their speed, and the creation of specific pages of the site.

There is no doubt you will learn something valuable on their channel. Even if the video you chose to watch does not address the specific topic you are looking for, you will most likely be able to take advantage of some of the tricks and tips you hear.

Ferdy Korpershoek

The channel of this guy with a very interesting (Dutch) accent will teach you, as he says on the channel, how to be successful on the Internet. That is actually what you strive for in digital marketing, isn’t it?

No matter what WordPress community you belong to, it is likely that Ferdy has content that will be useful to you. His videos are neither too short nor too long, but just long enough to understand the topic he is recording videos about. Each of his clips is dedicated to solving some of the problems that can befall you.


You can be your own brand and Katrinah is proof of that. She is a woman who worked for years in a corporation where she learned everything she needed to know about WordPress. She generously decided to pass on that knowledge to others after that leaving that job.

Her channel focuses on design, branding, and marketing, and you will also find a lot of beautiful and creative content. WordPress tutorials on this YouTube channel last about 20 minutes in most cases, but you can also find some that last 2 hours, so you can decide which ones suit you best.

Kori Ashton

Kori deals with various topics on her channel. They range from SEO tips, ‘how-to’ WordPress clips, to plugins and their use. WordPress tutorials on this YouTube channel are released every Monday and Wednesday.


The official WordPress YouTube channel is very interesting and is a good way to keep track of all WordPress changes. Also, each session from WordCamp (informal events that gather WordPress users from casual ones to experienced developers) is recorded and eventually posted to their channel.

For some reason, there are just over 12,000 subscribers on this channel. However, we believe that you can find a lot of interesting content here if you are interested in the way WordPress itself works.

Hogan Chua

If you deal with eCommerce and online orders, then you should subscribe to this channel. One of the recordings of making an eCommerce store lasts more than 4 hours and is an awesome WordPress tutorial.

Themeisle: WordPress Tutorials & Reviews

Although this channel is relatively young compared to others, it has great potential. Whether you are a beginner, already know something, or are a very advanced WordPress user, here you will probably find content that is useful to you.

In addition to tutorials, you can also check visuals with them. You can check the themes and plugins you like before installing them on your own site. That way you will certainly not go wrong.


Yoast is known for its WordPress Yoast SEO plugin, but it also has its own YouTube channel. Logically, you can learn a lot about its plugin on this channel. However, even if you do not use Yoast SEO, we believe you will like its general SEO tutorials.

The Yoast channel releases clips almost every day, so you will not run out of viewing material.

Let’s Build WordPress

The channel has been around since 2013 and publishes videos that are often based on the technical aspects of the WordPress site. With the help of this channel, you can learn about the security of the WordPress site, creating its backup, configuring the website, and the like.


The author of the channel, Bjorn Allpas, has been helping his followers learn more about WordPress since 2014. A large number of videos are available on a range of subjects, with a scope from plugins to website migration. At the same time, the channel is continually growing its audience due to Bjorn’s efforts as he uploads many new clips on a weekly basis.


The team with WPMU DEV runs WordPress courses that are charged but they also have a YouTube channel where they post free WordPress tutorials.

If you want to learn how to code for WordPress, this channel is a great place to start because it has a lot of content on the topic. It also has videos on how to enrich your website, like adding quiz, plugins, and more.


This channel is a little different from the previous ones because it is not intended for classic learning to use WordPress. It can, however, be very interesting and useful due to its various pieces of content. In addition to interviews with various people working in WordPress, individual webinars can also be found on their channel.


The number of YouTube channels dealing with WordPress tutorials is huge and the competition is fierce, so this list is subjective. Everyone who creates this kind of content has a lot to offer, it is only important that you find the ones whose way of working suits you best and with whom you will learn the most. Making a list like this is ungrateful because we ourselves are aware that there are many more channels with good content. However, now, it is up to you to discover them.

What is certain is that the design of your site is extremely important, and by listening to and watching the tutorials we have listed, you will learn how to make your WordPress site leave a good first impression and look beautiful and professional. We say this because these tutorials will show you how to install themes and design a site, how to install a new WordPress theme, what are the popular fonts for the site, how to combine colors…

Also, as for plugins, you will learn what additional tools your site/blog needs to have to be more functional, which WordPress plugins to install, setup, avoiding typical errors, which are the most popular WordPress plugins, how to install the WordPress plugin, and more.

WordPress is known as one of the easiest platforms to build websites and that is why beginners think nothing can go wrong. When you decide to use WordPress, you will be amazed by the speed and lightness of learning it. However, you should be aware that no matter how good you absorb things in regard to making a WordPress website, frustrations are inevitable at some point, especially if you decided to earn a living by building websites for other people. That is why tutorials are there to save you the day.