10 Untrue Myths About WordPress That You Have Heard For Sure

WordPress is something every Internet person has probably heard about.

Most of the time though, the notion of WordPress becomes heavily misunderstood through an influx of contradictory information.

Hence, we have prepared a list of 10 most common WordPress myths which hold completely untrue.

1. WordPress only works for blogs

It is somewhat true that WordPress is mainly a blogging platform. Bloggers seem to appreciate its clear layout and usability. However, the versatility which presents itself in a whole range of webpages created with the use of WordPress goes to show that it is not only good for one thing.

2. It’s good for small endeavours only

WordPress is great for both individuals and little local companies. It is no less useful for the big-time businesses, where a large range of options allows to adjust the settings and content to individual needs.

3. You can’t set up an e-store on WordPress

Internet business and the whole field of e-commerce have found its place even in the WordPress world. While initially incompatible with and not useful for online stores, WordPress has risen to the occasion and created a number of frameworks and plugins allowing to start a business online.

4. WordPress is extremely one-sided

The reality looks exactly the contrary. WordPress lets you do whatever you want and how you want, allowing for a variety of combinations. Its flexibility doesn’t only account for a plethora of content and its presence to be featured, but also having fun with all the different frameworks and other options.

5. Its security measures cannot be trusted

No website can be trusted when it comes to its safety. However, WordPress doesn’t stand out among other pages due to its alleged poor security, and is in fact protected just as well as corresponding online tools.

6. Plugins help… slow your webpage

This one is actually partially true, as plugins come in different versions and there is no one rule applicable to all of them. While some plugins may indeed make the system work slower than it otherwise would, others are completely neutral or even helpful in processing the data faster.

7. WordPress is good only for home use

Initially quite often perpetuated, now on the decline, the notion claiming that no business persona or a company should use WordPress is completely false. A great number of professional organizations see infinite possibilities within this system and use it for their advantage.

8. WordPress-powered pages display low quality content

WordPress is available for anyone to use and benefit from. Thus, it doesn’t depend on the system what quality the displayed matter represents. Instead, it only provides a base for its users to build on. It is worth noticing that many professional and high-quality websites have been formed with the use of WordPress.

9. Handling a few WordPress websites at once is impossible

It depends on the user whether they will allow for that to happen, since it doesn’t have to be this way. Having a number of pages based on the WordPress system, it is advisable to either install a multisite or a network – and the problem will no longer apply.

10. WordPress doesn’t have a helpdesk

The answer to all concerns will be found once it’s actually seeked. There are multiple places that serve as a helpdesk for WordPress users. From general forums to personal emails, a choice of ways to contact a professional for help is immense.

The above 10 myths have been around for a long time – and, typically, come up more often than one could expect. However, none of these myths comes close to the actual state of affairs. Now, as WordPress has been cleared of charges, it will definitely not let down anyone who gives it a chance.

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