MilesWeb’s Dedicated Hosting Review: What all Features Do You Get with Them

As a website owner, if you are looking for a reliable web hosting plan, dedicated hosting services are the crucial one to prefer because that web hosting plan offers a top-grade web hosting infrastructure with no server resource sharing. It means no server resources like CPU, RAM and SSDs are distributed among website hosting account users. Thus, if you are hosting your mission-critical web projects like emails, websites or others, you will not experience any operational issues.

Dedicated hosting services are known for enterprise-level hardware that gives a higher uptime and reliable server resources. You can buy dedicated server at low cost and host your web projects easily.

Moreover, many enterprises or website owners that host their applications on dedicated servers must opt for Managed Dedicated Server by MilesWeb. The web hosting provider provides managed server support or the customer technical assistance. So, there are many web hosting companies worldwide offering top-notch dedicated hosting services. One among them is MilesWeb, a highly-rated web hosting company offering affordable dedicated hosting plans.

As a reader, you might wonder what features are available that dedicated hosting services offer. To make your task more accessible, we have brought this guide. Keep reading and gain valuable information on the same.

Know All About the Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated hosting services refer to web hosting plans with an isolated hosting environment for website owners. It means a single client or the hosting account user will host mission-critical websites and applications on the allocated dedicated server. If you are also running a business site, you will have volumes of monthly traffic. So, how will you be able to accommodate them on your website? Sometimes too many clicks and the traffic leads to a website crash.

Avoid such negative circumstances and keep your website up with a higher uptime. Thus, dedicated servers are installed and configured according to industry needs. And the hosting process on dedicated servers is called dedicated hosting. If we talk about MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting plans, they start with Rs 4374 per month.

Dedicated server hosting/ dedicated web hosting refers to web hosting packages that offer a dedicated server with reliable resources to a single client. Dedicated hosting plans are perfect for websites (also WordPress sites) with a elevated traffic volume. Numerous web hosting companies offer dedicated hosting plans in addition to other hosting types.

In this type of web hosting service, clients get the entire control on servers. Therefore, larger organizations having websites with high hit rates or views will gain complete control over the server. You can configure the server according to your requirement if you are also a dedicated hosting user.

The crucial factor influencing the purchasing decision of bare metal servers is cost. We understand that dedicated hosting servers are costly. But in return, you will be getting a secured hosting infrastructure with no compromise on the quality standard.

Salient features of MilesWeb’s dedicated hosting

MilesWeb is the leading web hosting provider offering top grade dedicated hosting services. Here are some of the key features that they are providing to dedicated hosting clients.

  1. Security

Data security is a major concern in this digital age. No matter which web hosting plan you prefer, you must keep the data secured. In this parameter, MilesWeb’s dedicated server meets all requirements to safeguard your web files. Get unparalleled protection and accessibility to install security software like firewalls, anti-malware programs and many more with the installation of dedicated servers.

If you are purchasing managed dedicated hosting plans from them (managed dedicated hosting plans are available at additional costs). All their dedicated servers are encrypted with SSL certificates to protect the server’s database from any kind of intrusion activities.

  1. A Higher Uptime

Dedicated servers or bare metal servers give the assurance of higher uptime. MilesWeb’s bare metal server promises a higher uptime, upto 99.95%. It means there will be less downtime and a minimal latency rate in the web hosting operation. A good uptime rate is essential to give a smooth browsing experience to internet users worldwide. Also, if you are from the enterprise domain, your website’s performance determines your brand’s credibility.

  1. Greater Control

With the dedicated hosting plan, you will have more control over servers. MilesWeb’s dedicated servers offer web hosting account users full root SSH access. As you will be controlling the entire server, you must have enough technical knowledge and server management expertise to handle web hosting operations. That is why by default, MilesWeb offers unmanaged dedicated hosting services.

Additional Services for Dedicated Hosting by MilesWeb

  1. Remote Hands

It is a software that helps you to configure, monitor, reboot, update your servers with security and easily update server from anywhere around.

  1. Server Security Suite

Our multi-layered security technology, which includes Anti-Malware, Web Application Firewall, DoS Detection, Real-time IP Reputation, and Log Analysis, protects your web servers and your client’s websites from all types of cyber attacks.

  1. 360 Monitoring

With our 360 monitoring software, you can keep track on your server’s performance and website uptime.

  1. Netgate Hardware Firewall

This will secure your server for everyday need, theft, snooping, and any damage. You can build scalable infrastructure and enables you to manage traffic.

  1. Load Balancer

Our load balancer mitigates problems regarding increasing traffic and reduces downtime. It receives traffic from the internet and then passes to web server and it is very beneficial for multiple web servers.

  1. VPS Configuration

We provide a high-powered VPS control panel through which you can easily deploy and manage VPS on a server with one-touch. It supports KVM, Xen, OpenVZ, Proxmox, Virtuozzo, LXC, etc.

  1. Google Workspace

This service provides an excellent workspace with feature like gmail at your domain, google drive storage, google meet, calendar and many more.

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Final Thoughts

Dedicated hosting is the best web hosting service for website owners looking for a reliable web hosting infrastructure. MilesWeb’s enterprise-level bare metal servers are of optimal quality and appropriate resources to host volumes of websites and applications. Moreover, their dedicated hosting plans are available for Linux and Windows OS.