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In the modern e-commerce market, it’s impossible to stand out without an appealing visual design. Just look through the website of your favorite stores you want to visit again and again. Of course, you can try paying a little attention to how your page looks, especially if your products are of the highest quality. But the chances are your store will be lost among hundreds of other similar stores.

To make sure you don’t spend days trying and choosing your “winning theme,” we’ve created this list with Shopify’s most attractive (and tested) themes that can help you get rolling. Minimalist. Uncluttered. And appealing to the eye.

4 Benefits of Investing in Shopify Store Great Designs

Here are key reasons you should consider spending money on great Shopify themes:

  • Differentiate your products to attract new prospects. Want to get noticed? Choose designs that make your store stand out from the crowd. Sometimes nothing but minimalist (yet classy) designs create the strongest appeal.
  • Improve your brand’s recognition and trustworthiness. There’s a direct link between design and your brand’s recognition. While Internet users remember just 10% of things they hear and 20% of what they read, around 80% of Internet users remember things they see. Yes, visuals rule the world! The right design extends your brand’s personality so that people immediately know who you are (and what to expect).
  • Improve user experience. In addition to visual appeals, the design also plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth user experience. Even more than you can imagine. The combination of colors on the page, choice of fonts, and location of buttons all define the perceived likeliness of your store.
  • Get more leads and return on investment. Finally, the goal you strive for the most. The more customers like your store’s look, the more likely they will stay and make a purchase.

Now, once you know the answer to “why,” let’s review some of the strongest designs from MasterBundles.

Shopify Theme – Olive & Avery

This is definitely our favorite design template (although it’s difficult to choose “the one”). What can be more appealing than an olive color that has moved up the ranks and become more popular over the last few years? Perfect for creating both country lifestyle vibes or the spirit of Paris promenades. Olive green designs are also associated with wisdom, hope, and harmony, creating a strong visual appeal. What is also a great benefit — olive color combines perfectly with most colors.

So, whatever products you list, your page is likely to spark. Don’t miss this premium and high-quality design for your stunning e-commerce store website.

Feminine Shopify Theme – Dorothy

If your store is all about embracing femininity — don’t look any further. The custom-made image header is in a tender shade of pink, which creates an elegant and aesthetically pleasing appeal. Make sure your products created with care for women will stand out from the crowd.

Shopify Template — Beige For Days

Romantic. Classy. Airy. And, of course, minimalist. The Beige for Days is one of the most noteworthy minimalist designs. The white spaces make one’s attention be targeted to your products. No distracting details. What makes this design template even stronger is that it requires no coding (just like others), and all the banners you can see may be easily edited in Canva alongside colors and fonts. It means you can create your customizable design to make the perfect store page.

Bold Luxe Shopify Theme

Luxury doesn’t mean creating the most lavish object. Today, it’s about the commitment to creating something meaningful and to the point. This template is a clean and neutral design, perfect for both expensive boutiques and hand-made artisans. Keep your readers’ attention on what matters the most — your products presented in a minimalist yet beautiful light. Step-by-step video tutorials are available to make the template easy to use.

Bright Boho Shopify Theme

Another outstanding piece is this bright, flirty & happy Boho-styled design. It’s time to make everything around your product beautiful. Just look at the used fonts and colors chosen. They’re worthy of your consideration, especially if your target audience is the youth. The step-by-step video tutorial is available as well.

Grocery And Organic Shopify – Gsore

Now, it is time to present something great for grocery stores. Just take a look at these bright colors in contrast to high-quality images of fruits and vegetables. The green colors contribute to the perception of your products as “organic.” So, whether you own a farm, food retail store, organic food shop, or any other organic food business, you should fall in love with this design at first sight.

Neutral Shopify Theme

Who said neutral is boring? Let’s finish the listing with another classy design. This template is a perfect choice for jewelry stores or other stores featuring small products. The design elements are chosen to create the strongest focus on every detail of your gorgeous products. Pink and white colors harmoniously highlight the exquisite taste and harmony, making potential buyers stay on the page for a longer time.


We hope that you will fall in love with at least one of the design templates presented above (and the chances are that a few of them will steal your heart). It’s time to make your store the most visually pleasing place on Shopify.

We also recommend checking the full list of other high-quality minimal Shopify Themes at MasterBundles.. Be sure you’ll find what you can call “a perfect match.”