WordPress Media Folders: How to Use Them Right with FileBird

FileBird plugin

WordPress media library is where you can find all media uploads and use them to enrich your content. However, a growing media library typically looks like a cluster of thousands of multimedia files. By default, they are placed in year- and month-based order and that’s the only way you can filter them out. Sometimes it … Read more

Automatically Import WooCommerce Products on a Schedule

schedule woocommerce import

Handling an online store can be an adventurous journey. However, with the rush and rewards comes tougher and tedious tasks. Any business is about regular, consistent maintenance. With your online store, your product list, customer list, and orders keep updating regularly. To keep a proper record of these changes becomes important. Fortunately, with WooCommerce and … Read more

Everest Review Plugin – Show Your Business Reviews And Feedback

Everest Review Plugin

If you’ve established your own business, either local or global, you might want to show it to your audience by making it available online. Then, you create the website for your business so that people can learn more about your business by visiting your website before they actually decide to visit your place and use … Read more

Everest Google Places Reviews Plugin – An Easy Way To Display Google Places And Business Reviews On Your Website

Everest Google Places Reviews Plugin

Google Places is the service provided by Google to allow users check various local businesses that are available in certain areas. You can even check the local businesses that are scattered within a certain distance range from your location. With this service, the users can easily find the places that they are looking for in … Read more

WP Event Manager Plugin Review: A Robust Event Management Site Builder for WordPress

wp event manager plugin

Creating an event management website may be tricky and technical affair. It’s not an easy task if you decide to take it entirely in your hand. Fortunately, you don’t need to do that anymore – with power of WordPress and WP Event Manager you can set up an event management site without having to write … Read more

Under Construction Page : A Powerful Maintenance Page Builder for WordPress

Under Construction plugin

You may have a decent WordPress based website up and running in little-to-no time, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll never have to take care of it or take it down for maintenance. As your website will grow in popularity, they’ll be times when you’ll have to make some changes to it, and that will … Read more

7 Essential WordPress Multilingual Plugins: Expand Your Brand Globally

Multilingual Plugins

Though English is the most widely used internet language in the world, the truth is, it only makes up 26% of all online users. That means there is a whopping 74% of site visitors that may not be able to read your content, subscribe to your email list, or even purchase your products. That’s a … Read more

UserPro WordPress User Profile Plugin Review: Front-end Profiles with Social Login

userpro plugin

Social has nowadays become a very important part of the online business world. No matter what your business niche is, your users might crave for a comfortable and user-friendly online space where they can interact with the company, ask for help, manage their purchases (in case of Ecommerce businesses), and even interact with other users. … Read more

WP Security Ninja Plugin Review: A Complete Security Package for Your WordPress Blog

Whenever an online service becomes popular, it also becomes a target for cyber criminals. WordPress is also one of those services. There have been incidents of mass targeting WordPress websites during cyber attacks. Fortunately,saving your WordPress site from disaster isn’t a tough job, thanks to WP Security Ninja plugin. It’s one of the best security … Read more